Santa falls in love with Harry in emotional Norwegian Christmas advert

A Christmas TV ad is making headlines and triggering all sorts of emotional responses on social media over its depiction of Santa in a same-sex relationship.

'When Harry Met Santa' has been released in Norway by postage service Posten as a way of celebrating the upcoming 50th anniversary of the country's decriminalisation of homosexuality.

The nearly four-minute clip sees a shirtless Harry first meet Santa accidentally as he's delivering presents and seemingly instantly falling in love.

The pair then slowly build a relationship each Christmas thereafter, although their true feelings remain unsaid until one year when Harry finally makes them clear in a heartfelt letter.

"Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is you," he writes, along with a heart symbol.

Harry's festive wish comes true as Posten fills in for Santa by delivering gifts that year, allowing the jolly legend to instead let his hair down and lock lips with the man he loves.

Santa falls in love with Harry in emotional Norwegian Christmas advert.
Santa and Harry. Photo credit: Posten

The ad ends with the message: "In 2022, Norway marks 50 years of being able to love whoever we want. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

News headlines and Twitter reactions are calling the ad "tear-jerking", "heartwarming" and "sweet", although some people are expressing concern for Mrs Claus.

It's not the first time Posten has made headlines with its at times controversial Christmas adverts. The 2019 clip joked about whether or not Mary really was a virgin while last year's parodied Donald Trump.