The dark side of 'pretty privilege': TikTok star Ariana Savannah opens up on struggles of being attractive

  • 02/11/2021

A US TikTok star has spoken out about the 'bad side' of 'pretty privilege', saying she has always struggled to maintain friendships with other women due to how attractive she is.

Ariana Savannah, who has 47,000 followers on the social media platform, shared a clip about her struggles with being pretty that generated headlines and several hundred thousand views before she made it private.

"Pretty privilege is a thing, we know this, we know there's a lot of pros to that. But there's also a bad side that nobody talks about," said @arianasavannah in the video.

"I don't have many girl friends and it's something I have really struggled with for a long time and I've never really understood why.

"I'm honestly completely confident that it's nothing to do with my personality at all."

She said school was tough but university was the hardest point for her.

"Girls will always be like, 'oh my gosh, I love you so much, you're so gorgeous, we're gonna hang out and do this and that'. And the time comes around and I always am left out, talked about poorly behind my back. It never makes sense because I am always, like, being so kind, and so genuine - like y'know, girl shit y'know."

Savannah said she would go home and cry to her mother about the struggles, telling her family that she found it difficult to make female friends.

"They were like, 'Ari, it's so obvious... people don't like to not be the prettiest person in the room'," she continued.

"I'm like, what are you literally talking about? Because that's not something I think about. Bitches are all pretty, I love women, everyone is a bad bitch in their own way. They're like, 'You intimidate people and like you make people uncomfortable'. And I'm like literally 'What? I'm so nice!'.

"I was so confused and thought 'this probably is not true, there is no way this is the reason my whole life I can't make girlfriends'."

Savannah said she wanted to talk about this issue often but held back because she knew she would be attacked over it.

Seeing as she made the video and a follow-up to it private, it would seem she did receive negative comments over her message.