COVID-19: Anti-vaxx mandate protesters rally outside Auckland's Lone Star New Lynn

Anti-vaccine mandate protesters have rallied outside an Auckland restaurant, which has become a focal point in dissent against vaccine passes.

The New Lynn Lone Star franchise drew attention after posting a job advertisement on a "No Jab Jobs" website, which connects job seekers with employers "who support freedom of choice".

In the ad, the business said it "will not be discriminating either whilst employing or serving our guests". Owner Brendan Pascoe refused to comment before the ad was removed.

"I'm not commenting, you are all pushing the same mandate so I know what will be said and I'm not interested. No comment," he told the NZ Herald.

In a post to its official Facebook page, the Lone Star head office made its position "crystal clear".

"The health and safety of our franchisees, their guests, and their crew is taken very seriously. All Lone Stars are required to comply with all relevant laws, legislation, and government requirements, including health requirements.

"In line with the government's COVID-19 Protection Framework, all staff working in hospitality settings are required to be fully vaccinated, as a necessary precaution to protect our guests and all our team members."

Under the traffic light system, businesses that refuse to use vaccine passports can only open for click and collect takeaways.

Lone Star New Lynn's actions have led to an outpouring of support from the anti-vaccine mandate community, which held a picnic outside the venue on Sunday.

A Facebook post told supporters to "help businesses say no to segregation".

"Bring your family, friends, a supportive sign and a picnic blanket - order your meal online," the message read.

Images on Sunday show a pavilion set up on the grass outside the Lone Star, with pro-Trump flags flying above. Protesters held signs including "Mandates ruin lives" and "No mandate vaccine murder".

The rally outside Lone Star New Lynn.
The rally outside Lone Star New Lynn. Photo credit: Newshub

The vaccine is vital in preventing people from passing on the coronavirus, and reduces the severity of illness and hospitalisation for those who do get infected with it. Those who refuse to get vaccinated put themselves and the people they care for at risk.

The restaurant is also being swamped with online reviews on Google and Facebook.

"Wonder people with intergrity and courage [sic], no discrimination or segregation here," was one five-star review.

"The owners of this restaurant standing up for the rights of New Zealanders, standing up against segregation and division of good people," another wrote.

Pascoe has been asked for comment.