Size-six Aussie woman who moved halfway around the world to be with enormous boyfriend hits back at trolls

  • 17/12/2021
Sienna Keera and George Keywood.
Sienna Keera and George Keywood. Photo credit: Instagram/Sienna Keera/TikTok

A tiny Australian woman who fell in love with a plus-size British actor says she's sick of trolls making fun of them online. 

Sienna Keera slid into People Just Do Nothing actor George Keywood's DMs after watching just a few episodes of the series in 2018, 7 News reports. Six months later she flew halfway around the world to meet him, and in 2019 moved to the UK to be with her "fattie". 

""[My family] were worried and advised me against it, but they knew I was in love and trusted I would make the right decision for myself," the size-six artist told 7 News

They're both active on social media, where Keera says they get harassed by people who don't understand why she'd be with a man literally three times her size, who likes to go topless in the pair's videos and show off his "big sexy belly, his thick thighs".

"I'll delete and block trolls, but it's impossible to keep up with all the hate comments."

They reportedly got worse after the couple had a son, Oliver.

"George still gets fat-shamed and some people even think our entire relationship is a facade and that our son isn't even ours. People have some crazy conspiracy theories that TikTok hires George and I as actors and that our child is someone else's. It's madness!"

In real life, she says people stare but are too scared to say anything. 

Earlier this year, Keera told the Daily Mail Keywood's weight "doesn't hold him back", and he's the best she's ever had. 

"If you’re a plus-sized person looking for love, know that you deserve it and you can find it," she told 7 News.