Sort Your Life Out: Applications open for Kiwi families wanting to declutter and reorganise their homes

Casting call open for New Zealand reality TV show Sort Your Life Out.
Imagine having experts organise all the junk you have piled up around your home. Photo credit: Getty Images

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have spent a lot more time in our homes than ever before and many of us have become very aware of just how much clutter we have around us.

If you're a busy person who hasn't managed to organise all the stuff that's overwhelming you in your house, a new unscripted show coming to Three wants to help.

Sort Your Life Out will be a local version of the international makeover show that takes all the possessions from a family's home to a warehouse, where they choose what to let go and what to return to their reorganised home.

"Most people have thousands of things in the house they don't actually need," series producer Anna Lynch tells Newshub.

"We just see things and buy them, then you end up in a situation where you haven't got enough places to put those things so you put them where they don't belong. Then you start crowding out your life and it can get so bad you end up using rooms as storage rather than for the purpose they were designed."

It's estimated every house in New Zealand contains around 64,000 items, which is a lot when you see it all lined up in a warehouse.

Sort Your Life Out UK.
Photo credit: BBC

But while many of us know we have too much stuff cluttering the place up, actually finding the time to sort it out can be the tricky part.

It may also be that some household members are keener than others to sort it out - the New Zealand producers are finding the classic Kiwi bloke adage of "she'll be right" is providing a specific local quirk.

"We are getting women applying, but the men in their lives are saying they don't want to do it. Apparently that is particular to New Zealand because we've asked if this has happened when casting overseas," says Lynch.

There will probably be more old rugby boots, fishing rods and cricket gear to sort out in the garages around Aotearoa than in other countries, too. 

Sort Your Life Out aims to not bin too much stuff in the name of sustainability. While the participants' items are out of the house being sorted and downsized, a team of cleaners, storage experts and designers come into the home to tidy it up. 

The producers are most looking forward to what comes next: when the family returns to their sorted home.

"I can't wait to see the relief and joy in their faces when they see their home is once again their home, not just something that overwhelms them," says Lynch.

"They'll get to enjoy that space together. Maybe they haven't got to eat dinner together for a while because the kitchen table has been covered in piles of homework, washing and 40 seats of sweaty soccer gear.

"Suddenly that's all sorted by a professional organiser so everything is put away and the family can actually have a meal together at a table again.

"That's the aim of the show: To free up people's spaces so they can enjoy them."

Sort Your Life Out is looking for families in the greater Auckland area who would be available to film during March and April 2022.

If you're interested, you can fill out an application form online.