Brazilian influencer's hotel room tour goes viral after viewers spot X-rated item on bedside table

Carla Diaz on holiday with boyfriend, screengrab of Carla in hotel room tour video
Carla Diaz was holidaying with her new boyfriend when the X-rated item was revealed on her Instagram Story. Photo credit: Carla Diaz / Instagram; Carla Diaz / Instagram via Newsflash

In the pandemic era, the prevalence of Zoom has seen a lot of people caught with their pants down (no, literally) - from naked MPs to unemployment experts with decorative dildos, many shamefaced staffers have fallen victim to video chats.

Now a Brazilian actress has been embroiled in an on-camera blunder after a virtual tour of her hotel room revealed more than she intended.

Carla Diaz, a 31-year-old actress and Instagram influencer, had been giving her 9.7 million followers a glimpse of her accommodation when eagle-eyed viewers spotted an X-rated item on full display.

In the live video shared to her Instagram Story, Diaz panned her phone across the room, showing her followers an elegant dining area, a large white bed, a glass-topped bedside table - and a purple bottle of lubricant.

The lube did not escape the attention of observant fans, who were quick to alert the actress to her on-camera oversight.

The 31-year-old later had a laugh with her followers and acknowledged the presence of the lube with a tongue-in-cheek video, The Sun reports.

According to the outlet, Diaz had been holidaying in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul with her new beau, Felipe Becari, to celebrate the new year.

Carla Diaz filming hotel room on Instagram Story, purple bottle of lubricant on bedside table
The Brazilian actress and influencer had been giving her followers a tour of her hotel room when she panned the camera over her bedside table, revealing a bottle of lube. Photo credit: Screengrabs - Carla Diaz / Instagram via Newsflash

The blunder has since become a hot topic on Twitter, with Brazilians rushing to defend the star from the scrutiny of social media.

"It was such a natural thing, it earned her a lot of publicity. Carla Diaz is a wonderful actress," one tweeted.

"It's just f**king lube! Why all this commotion?" another said. 

"My God, from what I'm seeing, there's a lack of sex education all over the world... [Carla is a] wonderful legend," a third wrote.

"Carla Diaz went viral in tabloids around the world after the controversial tour of the lubricant. Queen, more lol [sic]," joked another.

Diaz is not the only person to accidentally reveal a risqué item on camera. In an interview about unemployment with BBC Wales last January, UK woman Yvette Amos was overshadowed by a large sex toy on the shelf behind her

A still of the interview was later shared on Twitter by journalist Grant Tucker, who tweeted: "Perhaps the greatest guest background on the BBC Wales news tonight. Always check your shelves before going on air."