Facebook ad suggesting swapping burger bun for crumpets sparks outrage online

Advertisement for Golden Crumpets NZ, showing burger fillings sandwiched between crumpets
The 'crumpet bun' has been branded as a big no-no by many social media users. Photo credit: Golden Crumpets NZ / Facebook

Foodies from all facets of the internet have united in distaste after an ad for an Australasian bakery brand suggested swapping the bun of your next burger for two crumpets, prompting disgust and disdain across social media.

Shared to Golden Crumpets New Zealand's Facebook page on Thursday, the controversial advertisement featured a photo of a burger patty complete with all its usual trappings, but sandwiched between two crumpets - sans butter, but slathered in tomato sauce.

"Who said burgers need to use a bun? Would you give this a go?" it was captioned.

Forgoing the humble bun in favour of crumpets quickly proved an unpopular, if not sacrilegious suggestion among purists, many of whom argued that crumpets should only be served with more traditional spreads.

'No way! Crumpets must be served dripping in butter and topped with marmalade!" one woman responded.

"Some things should not be messed around with!" said another.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT. A crumpet is glorious with melted butter and jam," a third chipped in.

"Heck no! Golden syrup only," another wrote.

The ad was later shared to the New Zealand forum on Reddit, provoking a similar response.

"What a waste of a perfectly good crumpet. Also now I want crumpets and lots of butter," one wote.

Another branded the concept as an "abomination", while a third proposed that crumpets would be better suited to a different style of burger.

"Would be good with a piece of fried chicken or pork sausage patty, either with bacon and maple syrup - beef and savory might work if you used fried onion and ditched the lettuce and tomato sauce," they weighed in.

Others were more sympathetic to the suggestion.

"My initial reaction was revulsion but then I realised it's just the crumpet purist in me. After a moment's thought, I was like, 'Actually, why not give it a go? Might not be too bad. Crumpets aren't sweet, after all'."

In August last year, a Four Square ad from two decades prior was unearthed and shared to Reddit, with the prices of yesteryear - such as $0.55c avocados - prompting shock and dismay from Kiwi users.

And in November, a viral ketchup hack sparked outraged online, with many dubbing the diluted concoction as "criminal".