Australian woman mortified after discovering shocking meaning behind pineapple tattoo

Most of us have probably been regaled with a mortifying tattoo-gone-wrong tale, like the time Ariana Grande's Japanese ink literally translated to 'seven wheels' (a traditional charcoal grill), or when a devoted Patrick Gower fan had the reporter's face tattooed on his body with a glaring grammatical error.

And now, a woman from the Australian state of Queensland has discovered that her seemingly innocuous ink actually has a secret meaning - and it's far more fruity than she intended.

Brittany Lewin was mortified to discover the upside-down pineapple inked on her outer wrist is actually a symbol used by swingers to identify one another in public - implying they are searching for a swinging soiree.

Sharing her story in a video to TikTok last year, Lewin admitted she had "made a mistake". 

"I've made a mistake besties," she captioned the clip, adding the hashtag "#fail".

In the clip, Lewin shared a screenshot of a text conversation with a friend, who appears to alert her to the furtive meaning behind the seemingly innocent fruit. 

The conversation began with the person asking: "Is that [an] upside-down pineapple???"

"Hahaha not when my arm is down," Lewin responded, adding a photo to illustrate. The photo shows that when Lewin's arm is hanging by her side, the pineapple is the right way up. 

"It's still gonna make me giggle, I only just found out what [an] upside-down pineapple means," the person replied, with several laughing emojis.

"Wait what? Googling haha," Lewin wrote.

Lewin then added a screenshot of her Googling the meaning of an upside-down pineapple - revealing the shocking truth.

"Pineapples are a secret sign used by swingers to identify each other in public," the top result read. "An upside-down pineapple means that a person is in search of a swinger party."

Lewin then added a clip of her reaction to the revelation, showing herself in obvious shock before bursting into laughter.

"I post [social media] stories daily with my arm like this," she said, demonstrating that the pineapple is unfortunately upside-down when she talks with her hands or has her arm up by her face.

Many of Lewin's followers found her revelation hilarious, with several noting that they were already aware of the covert meaning behind the fruit. 

"Yep, every time I see it I was thinking to myself, 'does she know?'" one of Lewin's followers replied.

"I've thought this [in] every video I've seen of you. I just thought 'each to their own'," another admitted.

"I always thought you and James were just into some extra fun stuff," a third joked. "I'm sad that you didn't actually know."

"I have an upside-down pineapple too and people keep sending me these kinds of TikToks," one woman shared. "And I'm just like 'I'm not, stop'."

In a follow-up video that has amassed almost 240,000 views, Lewin filmed herself appearing to make an appointment for tattoo removal.

"If you know, you know," she captioned it, adding the hashtag "#NotASwinger".

In a later post to her Instagram, she admitted she had picked the pineapple as she believed it was the "international symbol of boss women".

"Turns out [an] 'upside-down' pineapple is the international [symbol for] swingers," she added.

Although the tattoo is not always visible in her more recent videos, it appears Lewin has decided to keep her fruity friend - for now, anyway. In a later update, she said she finds the tattoo "absolutely hilarious" and has embraced the double-entendre. 

According to Urban Dictionary, the secret sign began in supermarkets when swingers would turn a pineapple upside-down in their shopping cart. Apparently, a pineapple placed on a porch or mailbox is also a universal sign that a swingers' soiree is underway. The more you know.

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