DIY: How to dress up a hanging system

  • 17/02/2022
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Part of a six-part series, designer Hamish Dodd speaks to the AM show about tips and tricks for dressing up a standard rail and bracket, or also what is known as a hanging system.

Hamish believes these types of shelving systems are better than freestanding clunky systems, especially on carpet as "they do not protrude as far from the wall". 

"You can get different length brackets to have either deeper or narrow shelves. They are sensational for books, indoor plants and can really give your home a mid century feel," he says.

There are many available from DIY stores and most systems now come in white, although they used to come in black.

"What I am suggesting is that you don’t purchase the plain white shelves that come with the bookcase or shelving system. Instead you have a couple of different options," says Hamish.

Watch the video above to learn more about it.

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