England school goes meat-free permanently

Barrowford Primary School has gone meat-free.
Barrowford Primary School has gone meat-free. Photo credit: Facebook/Barrowford primary school

There will be no ham sandwiches for lunch for children from an English primary school that made the decision to ban meat.

As of last year, Barrowford Primary School offered only vegetarian meals, but parents are furious after only just finding out when a letter from the principal was sent out asking packed lunches to follow suit.

"I only found out this week in an email," mum Zoe Douglas told The Sun.

She said her daughter ordered a sausage and mash meal from the school canteen, only to be disgusted when she bit into the vegetarian sausage.

"Teachers said, 'oh, it's a vegetarian sausage' but they hadn't told her before she ordered… She ended up just having mash for her dinner," Douglas said.

"I'm fuming. She's been on packed lunches since."

Douglas is even trying to transfer her children to a different school because she's had enough.

"I think they forget that non-meat eaters and vegans have to take a lot of supplements. What supplements they getting instead at that school?" She said.

Another parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the outlet the school should accommodate to vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters rather than making the kids adapt.

"Vegetarian is a choice for when they are older," they said.

The parent said requesting parents pack vegetarian lunches is "absolutely ludicrous".

"No wonder my kids are starving and raid the fridge before the shoes are off."

The school is located in an area where farming is one of the main industries. The parent expressed their concern on what this will do to local farmers and teaching the children about food production.

The school principal Rachel Tomlinson said they made the decision to reduce carbon emissions and "stop climate change".

"We made our school lunches meat-free to demonstrate how each of us making a small change to our daily habits can have a much wider positive impact, and that reducing meat consumption is just one way to do this," Tomlinson told The Sun.

People on social media have also expressed their anger towards the decision.

"Absolutely appalling. And the poor kids can't even bring a ham sandwich!" A Twitter user said

"Save the vegan stuff for your own joyless dinner tables," another user said.

A few parents from the school, however, are defending the decision saying the menu looks great.

"School are trying to cater for everyone. Whatever they do, someone will moan," one parent wrote.

"I am not vegetarian and I think the lunch choices are great."