Jacinda Ardern shares cute conversation with 3yo daughter Neve about the 'amazing things' she does

It's safe to say that Jacinda Ardern has a pretty demanding job: juggling policies, Parliament, reporters and parenthood (and you know, running a country) seems like no easy feat - but even Prime Ministers can be quickly humbled by a conversation with a toddler. 

While many children aspire to be a politician when they grow up, it appears Ardern's three-year-old is not so interested in the career path - with far more important objectives in mind for adulthood. 

Sharing an insight into her family life, Ardern recounted a cute conversation with her young daughter, Neve, in a snap to her Instagram Story on Sunday night - showing exactly where a three-year-old's priorities lie. 

"My 3 year old: 'I wish I could be you mum, and do all the amazing things you do...'," Ardern wrote.

"Me: 'What amazing things are they?'

"Neve: 'Like how you stay up late'."

So to everyone else who goes to bed at an ungodly hour, bravo - you're doing amazing things!

Jacinda Ardern shares cute conversation with 3yo daughter Neve about the 'amazing things' she does
Photo credit: Jacinda Ardern / Instagram

It's not the first time Ardern has shared moments of motherhood with social media. In recent years, the Prime Minister has made a habit of proudly posting pictures of Neve's birthday cakes - including a piano-themed creation in 2020 (propped up with a jar of lentils) and in 2021, a TV-shaped treat featuring a projection of Neve's favourite films - the brainchild of fiancé Clarke Gayford.

And in November, Neve took social media by storm when she adorably "escaped" her bedroom to interrupt Ardern's Facebook Live - prompting the Prime Minister to put on her parenting cap mid-COVID-19-update. 

Ardern and Gayford, who were forced to postpone their summer nuptials last month, welcomed their daughter on June 21, 2018.