Kmart Australia fans are loving a $4 'miracle' hair product for salon-worthy curls

TikToker demonstrating the heatless hair roller in a video
Kmart fans are singing the praises of a new product which proponents claim is just as good as a Dyson Airwrap - except it's $845 less expensive. Photo credit: Islah Palmer / TikTok

Kmart fans are singing the praises of a new product which proponents claim is just as good as a Dyson Airwrap - except it's $845 less expensive. 

Australia's legion of Kmart lovers are rushing to get their hands on a $4 heatless roller that is widely touted as a holy grail product for hairstyling enthusiasts.

The budget product, named the heatless hair roller, promises "gorgeous curls without damaging your tresses" and includes a satin curling headband, two scrunchies and a claw clip.

The roller, which can be used on wet or dry hair, works overnight to curl the hair without the need for heated styling tools. Instead, the user wraps small pieces of hair around the curling headband - secured on top of the head with the claw clip - and continues to add more sections of hair until all the locks have been wrapped around the band. The scrunchies are then used to hold the hair in place on either end.

The hair roller has been dubbed a "miracle" product on social media, with many taking to TikTok to flaunt bouncy, voluminous curls they say are comparable to a salon blowout. 

Popular TikToker and self-proclaimed "Kmart addict" Islah Palmer tested the product for herself in a recent video.

"It was actually really comfy to sleep in, surprisingly," Islah said in the clip, which has amassed almost 900,000 views at the time of writing.

Islah then films herself taking out the headband in the morning, her hair falling into bouncy curls. 

"I tousled it out and I looked so good! My hair looked really, really good. It's like a literal salon blowdry and it was minimal effort," she said.

"I cannot believe this was only $4 to achieve… it actually held all day. I felt so good."

Viewers have been shocked by the results, with many expressing their eagerness to try it for themselves. 

"From the videos I've seen, a lot have said it's as good as doing a blowout on the Dyson Airwrap," one person said.

"It's sooo good, I am hopeless with a curling iron and this is giving me the low-key curls of my dreams! I'm going to sleep with it in again!" another shared.

Although the heatless hair roller is currently not available in Kmart New Zealand, it does stock a similar product - bendy rollers - for $6. The rollers are available in either a pink pack of six or a purple pack of eight, although the claw clip and scrunchies are not included. However, the premise is similar. 

Some fans of the technique have also claimed you can achieve similar results using the tie from a dressing gown or bathrobe - just follow the same steps and secure the ends with a couple of hair ties.

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