Pregnancy announcements: Couple's takeaway-themed baby reveal condemned as 'insensitive', 'tacky' by family

Baby in a box
The couple's takeaway-themed baby announcement has been condemned as 'insensitive' and 'tacky' by their family. Photo credit: Getty Images

Pregnancy announcements have become progressively more extravagant in recent years, with celebrities and influencers popularising outlandish reveals complete with professional photoshoots - à la Rihanna and ASAP Rocky

For mere mortals, it can still be fun to add a creative twist to a traditional announcement - but one expectant couple's idea was met with backlash by their extended family.

Taking to the popular Reddit forum 'Am I the Asshole' to explain their conundrum, the expectant father said he and his wife were keen to incorporate their "dark and dry humour" into the announcement, while finding a way to represent the "long and stressful process" they have battled to become parents-to-be. 

The 28-year-old explained that as a trans man, he and his wife have had to overcome additional hurdles to become pregnant, including "a sperm donor, IVF, the works".

"I (28 trans male) cannot get my wife (29 [female]) pregnant by our own biology. We've been told some nasty hurtful things by people close to us. And people who aren't close to us but feel like it's their business," the man shared anonymously.

"Both my wife and I have dark and dry humour. One of the things we joke about is how we had to 'order out'. Because of my wife's wishes we won't be announcing our pregnancy/baby until it is born. Only our parents know."

The dad-to-be explained that he and his wife have been planning a tongue-in-cheek photoshoot following the baby's arrival, with the newborn bub photographed in a takeout container.

"Our plan is to have the typical baby announcement photos but to have the baby come out of a takeout container, smiling, with 'we successfully ordered out' as our caption," he explained.

However, his parents aren't so supportive of the whimsical take on a traditional announcement. 

"My parents hate this idea. They think we're being insensitive, tacky, and making fun of other families. They think we would be using our child to promote our political agenda," he continued. 

"WITBA [would I be the asshole] for doing this as our family photoshoot?"

The man explained the couple's predicament in a candid post to Reddit.
The man explained the couple's predicament in a candid post to Reddit. Photo credit: Reddit

Despite his parents' reservations, the Reddit community attempted to buoy the couple with overwhelming praise for the "wholesome" concept. 

One suggested that "ordering out" could be the wrong analogy as the couple aren't adopting.

"Something like a meal kit analogy works better. You guys assembled it yourselves (well, your wife did) out of outside ingredients," they explained. 

"This is a super cute idea! And some kind of play on words for the meal kit; think 'Hello Baby' instead of 'Hello Fresh'," another chimed in. 

"I would definitely put an egg in there somewhere," a third added.

The father-to-be seemed excited by the suggestion, responding: "Yes! My mind was already going here. With the cardboard box painted with the green logo but a play on words and out of the meal kit, some fake veggies but also all of the paperwork, equipment, etc. This made it far funnier and cuter! 

"The 'ready baby meal kit'. Comes with baby food, veggies, diapers, a few clothes. Only $19.99. Sperm sold separately."

"This isn't even dark or dry humour, this is the cutest, most wholesome thing! Congratulations on your growing family! And I'm so sorry about your parents somehow thinking you just living and celebrating your beautiful selves is the promotion of a political agenda," another commented.

"You two are excited to welcome your child, that's just being a proud parent. You and your wife sound wonderful."

"I'm giggling at the idea of a 'Hello Fresh' meal card with the ingredients, preparation steps, and a 40-week cook time," another joked.

"Or maybe a boxed cake mix? Since you usually have to supply your own eggs with those too," one quipped.

"As a lesbian with a 'meal kit' baby, I wish I'd thought of this," another shared.

Others urged the expecting dad to share the photos with the group once the baby arrives - if the two feel comfortable to do so.

"I absolutely will. Ya'll have been lovely giving us ideas for the shoot," the man replied. "Thanks to all of you for workshopping this, I'm loving it."