Swedish glamour model spends over $200k making butt bigger, says men are now too scared to date her

Natasha Crown
Photo credit: Natasha Crown / Instagram

A model who spent the equivalent of NZ$200,000 in an attempt to achieve the world's biggest bottom claims her sizable derrière has scared off potential suitors, making dating incredibly difficult.

Natasha Crown, a 27-year-old Swedish glamour model originally from Serbia, has undergone six procedures in order to grow her glutes. During a recent appearance on the social media show Hooked on the Look, Crown admitted she underwent her first cosmetic surgery - the controversial and sometimes dangerous procedure known as the Brazilian butt lift, or BBL - at just 20-years-old, two years after she realised she wanted a super-sized backside.

"I'm famous for my big bum," she said on the show. "I want the world's biggest bum. For me, the bigger the booty, the better."

But despite Crown's commitment to her curves, she says potential partners have not been so enthusiastic, admitting her augmented behind has made it difficult to date and find a relationship.

Speaking on the show, Crown claimed men are often "too scared" of her and become intimidated by her curvaceous body.

"My last relationship was seven years ago. I am pretty extreme so I think people are afraid of me," Crown said.

"It's scary for men. You have my personality, and then you have my body and then you have everything else on top of that. It's extreme."

Setting Crown up with a potential match, the show's producers paired the model with 28-year-old fitness coach Adam - but what they thought at first might be common ground turned out to be a little shaky. 

"I started working out at the gym," Crown told Adam during their date at a bar.

"And then I had an idea to pump my ass. And then my journey started from there."

Although the pair weren't interested in one another romantically, Crown said she still has hope that she will meet the right man eventually - who will accept her and her butt.

But viewers weren't so sure that Crown's ambition of achieving the world's biggest bum was healthy - or safe - with some questioning why cosmetic surgeons have continued to operate on her.

"The doctors that continue to operate on her need to have their licences revoked," one woman commented.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), a buttock augmentation is a common enhancement procedure that improves the contour, size and shape of the rear through the use of implants, fat grafting or sometimes a combination of the two. Either silicone-filled implants are surgically placed deep within the tissues of the buttock, or fat is transferred from one area of the body to the buttocks - this technique is often referred to as a Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

In August 2018, plastic surgery societies issued an urgent warning regarding the risks of BBLs, prompting the formation of a task force to provide guidance to surgeons after multiple deaths associated with the procedure were reported. 

"The task force is concerned with the high mortality rate of this operation and is aggressively investigating ways to make this procedure safer. This new warning emphasises the continued risk that is being encountered with this procedure," Dr Jeffrey E Janis, president of ASPS, said at the time.

According to statistics from the ASPS, approximately 20,300 buttock augmentation procedures using fat grafting were performed in 2017, with the number of procedures more than doubling in the previous five years. 

"Complications from the surgery are likely a result of numerous factors, including the technically challenging nature of the surgery and that the rise in interest has caused more non-board-certified and non-plastic surgeons to perform the operation."