UK mum outrages internet after comparing daughter's 'classy' graduation gown to something worn in a 'strip club'

The university graduate was pleased with her purchase - but her mother wasn't so keen.
The university graduate was pleased with her purchase - but her mother wasn't so keen. Photo credit: Louise May / @loumayyy / TikTok

A young woman who thought she had found the perfect gown for her graduation ceremony was shocked when her mother compared the sophisticated dress to "strip club" attire.

Louise May, a popular British content creator on TikTok, shared her disappointment in a viral video which has since been viewed almost six million times. 

In the clip, May shows off a form-fitting scarlet grown with puffed sleeves, a stylish side split and sweetheart neckline from the online retailer ASOS, paired with a delicate necklace and subtle makeup.

"Mum just said, 'it's graduation, not a strip club'," May captioned the clip.

"But I know if I was smaller the dress wouldn't be a problem, like it's [your] fault I have hips mum so now what."

The harsh feedback prompted a strong response from outraged viewers, with many taking to the comments to encourage May to wear the gown despite her mum's opinion.

"I guess your mom goes to 1940s strip clubs? You look gorgeous and it’s appropriate for the event! Glow!" one wrote.

"She hasn't been to the club in a while and it shows," a second joked.

"As an ex-dancer, I can tell you, no one would wear this to the club. It is not skimpy at all, it is completely appropriate," said another.

"You look beautiful and I think this is a really classy look," a fourth added.

Buoyed from the overwhelmingly positive response, May shared a further two clips of her proudly showing off the gown.

"The way y'all are hyping me up in this dress," she said. 

In a new video posted on Tuesday, May confirmed she had worn the outfit despite her mother's reservations, sharing sweet footage from her graduation ceremony.

In the video, May can be seen wearing her cap, gown and the red dress as she joyfully walked across the stage to graduate from Bath Spa University. 

"You can all judge me if you want but I do not care - I have never, ever been happier," she captioned it.

Much of May's content features her mother, her self-proclaimed "biggest fan". Responding to a comment, May confirmed that she and her mum, who is hearing impaired, have a great relationship - but they don't get along "24/7". 

Last year, a mother-in-law who wore a white silky gown to her son's nuptials was widely panned on social media for breaking the cardinal rule - never wear white to another woman's wedding.

And in 2020, a wedding guest was accused of upstaging the bride when she turned up in a sheer red dress.