Valentine's Day: Adult Toy Megastore and Hell Pizza partner up to deliver hot sex toys with your pizza order

Planning on pizza and Netflix this Valentine's Day? If you're wanting to spice things up a little, you could always opt for extra jalapeños - or add a side of sex toys to your order.

Hell Pizza and Adult Toy Megastore are once again partnering up to deliver a batch of steamy sex toys to turn up the heat this Valentine's Day. This time, they're doubling the pleasure for all the horny devils out there, giving away 5500 free Mini Bullet Vibrators and also C-Rings to celebrate the day of love.

From February 12, customers aged 18 and over can opt-in to receive one of the adult toys when ordering a Hell Double Pizza, but if you're keen, get in quick - 4500 vibrators were gone in a matter of hours last year.

According to data from Adult Toy Megastore, nearly 50 percent of New Zealanders own a sex toy. While women are most likely to purchase one, men aren't lagging too far behind at 41 percent. So whether you're looking to grow your collection or take your first dip into the pool of self-pleasure, this promotion is a great way to get your feet wet (take that in whichever way you like). 

It comes on the back of a successful year for sex toy retailers, with Kiwis not only loading up their carts with flour and toilet paper during the pandemic, but also adult playthings. 

"People were going to be stuck at home, many of them without a partner, and there was a big rush to get their hands on something to enjoy. And why not?" says Adult Toy Megastore's in-house sex educator, Emma Hewitt.

"As the pandemic continues, things are stressful, and we deserve pleasure for pleasure's sake, but it's also a great way to relieve stress, help us sleep and stop thinking about the pandemic for a little while. Exploring new pleasures ourselves and having fun with our partners is a wonderful way to do this.

"Every year, there is a better understanding of adult toys and how they can positively supplement great sex lives. We are thrilled they are mainstream now, and we can have some healthy, mature and most importantly fun conversations about sex-positivity and pleasure."

The campaign is strictly R18 - adults will need to verify their age before opting-in to receive either the Share Satisfaction Mini Bullet Vibrator or C-Ring. And rest easy - the adult toys will be discreetly packaged and sealed with an R18 sticker. 

So even if pizza often leaves you wanting more, I'm sure you'll end up satisfied - one way or another!