Victoria Beckham has eaten the same meal every day for 25 years, David Beckham reveals

David and Victoria Beckham
Posh Spice doesn't have a taste for seasoning, it seems. Photo credit: Getty Images

Victoria Beckham has eaten the same meal every day for 25 years, her husband has revealed. 

David Beckham dished the dirt while speaking to the River Cafe Table 4 podcast with Ruth Rogers, during which he also admitted that he enjoys having the house to himself - so he can indulge in whatever fare his heart desires.

According to Beckham, the fashion designer and former Spice Girls star will only ever eat grilled fish and steamed vegetables. 

"Since I met her she only eats grilled fish, steamed vegetables - she will very rarely deviate from that," the former footballer, 46, told the podcast.

And the cooking confessions continued, with Beckham also divulging that he is a serious foodie who gets "emotional" about food and wine. 

He noted that one of his favourite evenings with his wife of almost 23 years was when she diverged from her typical diet, a feat he described as "amazing".

"The only time she's probably ever shared something that's been on my plate was actually when she was pregnant with Harper and it was the most amazing thing," he said. "It was one of my favourite evenings. I can't remember what it was but I know she's not eaten it since."

The Spice Girls
Victoria Beckham rose to prominence as a member of the iconic British girl group, the Spice Girls. Photo credit: Getty Images

Victoria Beckham has discussed her strict diet in the past, claiming she is a "very fussy eater". And while she became a household name for her time in the iconic British girl group, it turns out Posh Spice doesn't exactly have a taste for seasoning. 

Speaking on a previous episode of the River Cafe Table 4 podcast, the mum-of-four prompted a public outcry after she revealed her favourite comfort food was "toast with salt on it".

"This is where I sound even more boring in the food department. Okay, what do I like? I like whole grain toast with salt on it," she admitted.

The star also said she likes her meals to be cooked without oils, butter or sauces - a preference not shared by her sports star husband. 

David Beckham acknowledged he enjoys having the family home to himself, allowing him to cook to his heart's content - with a side of football.

"I literally had two most amazing cuts of meat, one was a T-bone and I had some English Wagyu," he reminisced wistfully.

"I poured one glass of the most amazing red wine that I treated myself to because I was on my own, looking forward to watching the football in the afternoon - on my own."

Posh and Becks' high-profile romance began in early 1997, with the couple tying the knot in July 1999. They are parents to four children - Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.