Weddings: Father of the groom demands a divorce at his son's own wedding - and the son sides with his father

Angry bride and groom
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Everyone knows there are several cardinal sins a guest can commit at a wedding - announcing a pregnancy, wearing a white dress, or getting down on one knee are all pretty common-sense examples of what not to do at someone else's nuptials. 

But one father took wedding wrongdoings into uncharted territory when he decided his son's big day was the perfect time to tell his own spouse - his son's mother - that he wanted a divorce. 

The son in question took to social media to seek advice from a host of strangers, sharing his story anonymously to the popular Reddit forum, 'Am I The Asshole'

In his post, the man explained that his recent nuptials had been full of family friction after his father decided it was the right time to tell his mother that he wanted to end their marriage. 

The man revealed that his dad had been feeling neglected by his mother for years, claiming that her career had always been the true love of her life. 

"My beautiful wife and I got married a few weeks ago and she's still annoyed with me about this situation," the man started.

"My dad asked my mom for a divorce at the wedding, which I get is pretty messed up, but my mom's very reserved in public. I heard them fighting a bit during pictures and he asked if she loved him more than her job.

"She answered that honestly she doesn't and doesn't think she could ever love any person more than her job. He took his wedding band off and handed it to her."

However, the man noted that the drama began when his own grandparents "caused a scene", launching a tirade against their son-in-law for daring to bring up divorce at their grandchild's wedding. 

"I guess my mom told her parents and they were the ones who caused the scene. They approached my dad and yelled at him that he's a piece of shit. Everyone did turn and stare but the groomsmen broke it up pretty quickly," he continued.

"My wife was furious and wanted everyone involved kicked out. My grandparents were asked to leave but I wanted my dad to stay. My mom left shortly after on her own."

The man added that his wife is still furious at his father for dragging his marital issues into their special day and wants him to apologise - but he isn't so sure. 

"My wife has told me that it affects how she views my dad and she lost respect [for him]. I have more sympathy for him because I think he spent a lot of years knowing that job was the love of my mom's life and that has got to be an awful feeling," he said.

"My wife brought it up that my dad almost ruined our wedding and he should really apologise and he's selfish. I said she was being heartless and she needs to understand that he was hurt and not trying to ruin anything and I said he doesn't owe us an apology when he didn't cause the drama. She accused me of not caring enough about our wedding."

In an update, the man acknowledged that he can see the situation from his wife's perspective and understands that she feels unsupported.

"[She thinks] I am being more sympathetic to my dad... I see why she is upset and I don't want to invalidate her feelings," he added.

Turning to the Reddit community, the man asked if he is the asshole for believing his father shouldn't need to apologise for "almost ruining our wedding".

But Reddit users quickly concluded that the real asshole was the man's father - with his son a close second.

"Your dad started this. Yes, your father (and mother and grandparents) owe you and your wife a huge apology for being so self-absorbed that they couldn't behave for a single event that was supposed to be about you and your wife," one responded. 

"How can you say he didn't cause the drama when he literally told his wife he wanted a divorce at his child's wedding?! Your mum was justifiably upset, and so was your wife," another added.

"It's laughable that you think he didn't cause the drama when he straight up pulled off his ring and asked for a divorce at your wedding. Your wife is right, he should apologise," a third agreed.

"YTA [you're the asshole] - your father decided to bring up this issue at the wedding knowing your mother is reserved in public. He knew she would not make a scene. He is the cause of the issues at the wedding and is extremely selfish for using your wedding to do this," another chipped in. 

"He owes your wife an apology, and you owe her one as well for ignoring her feelings about the situation, when they are extremely valid."

One branded the father's decision as one the most "jaw-droppingly classless wedding guest moves" they'd ever read on the forum.

"He might as well have shown up in a big white bridal gown, it's THAT tacky."

Another questioned the dynamics in their family, pointing out that the man should have been equally as sympathetic to his mother.

"How is your relationship with your mom in general? Because you are being incredibly heartless to both her and your wife... kicking your mom out and not your dad, not being bothered that your wedding was disrupted by the drama... that all screams dysfunctional," they observed. 

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