Birken bag sells for $23k at Auckland auction

You don't see a crowded room bid thousands on a handbag every day - but that's exactly what happened at Webb's Auction House in Auckland on Sunday afternoon.

But it wasn't just any old bag, it was a Birkin. What on earth does that mean?

Deep chocolate brown, clean lines, double-rolled leather handles, attention to detail and one big reputation. This isn't just any old bag - it's a Birkin.

"The bag we've got today is from 2008, it's a size 35, it's in brown chocolate fjord leather. It's the number-one sought-after bag in the world, you can't buy one in New Zealand, and we don't know when we'll get one again," says Webb's fine jewels, watches and luxury accessories manager Sam Shaw.

For handbag collectors, the Hermès classic is top tier. The cheapest they sell for in-store is around $18,000 but getting your hands on one isn't as easy as fronting up with the cash.

"You simply can't walk into a Hermès store and buy a Birkin, they almost have to vet you as a client," Shaw says.

The waiting list is infamous and it's got longer. There's currently a six-year wait for one of these, even for celebs.

And it doesn't just look nice, these handbags have risen in price by an average of 14.2 percent per year which currently surpasses gold as an investment.

It wasn't just luxury handbags on offer at Webb's today, the auction house showcasing around $2 million worth of luxury goods including jewellery and watches.

"We've got a 1968 Omega Speedmaster Ultraman, which they only made for three months in 1968 and was used in the Japanese TV show in the '70s - Return of Ultraman - which made it kind of a cult classic. We expect between $80,000 to $100,000 for this piece," Shaw says.

And in the afternoon the bidding was on, the Birkin going to an online bidder for $23,000.

A very special piece of arm candy for a new owner - unfortunately it's not me.