Eyewear: Why choosing the right size of frames is important

If you wear glasses all the time, you'll know the importance of having them fit correctly to your face so that they feel just right. 

Being comfortable and wearing the right size frames is almost just as important as wearing the right size of clothes. But it's often tricky to find the right frames to fit and suit your face, so where do you start? 

AM's Nats Levi talks to Specsavers Optometrist Ian Russel about the process for selecting the right size frames for your face. Watch the video above to learn more about it.

There are members of staff in each Specsavers store trained to help you find the right frames for your prescription, lifestyle and personal style. 

Take a look at the huge range of frames for adults and children on the Specsavers website.

This article was created for Specsavers.