New mum makes horrific discovery on her boyfriend's phone mere hours after giving birth

Screenshots from the woman's TikTok video
The woman has had a happy ending though. Photo credit: @aubrecita / TikTok

Mere hours after welcoming a baby into the world, a new mum inadvertently discovered that the father of her child had been cheating on her with another woman. 

In a TikTok that has garnered more than 11 million views, a woman who goes by the username @Aubrecita regaled her viewers with the sorry saga.

In the clip, the woman recalled how she accidentally stumbled upon evidence that her significant other had been philandering with another woman - shortly after giving birth to his child.

"Feeding my hours-old baby in the hospital, the nurses had asked me to record the times that he ate," the woman captioned the clip.

"So I grab my sleeping boyfriend's phone to check the time."

The woman then shared a snap of the incriminating evidence - a text message on her boyfriend's iPhone from a woman named 'Marissa', reading: "Come cuddle."

More shocking still, the man had already set a photo of his newborn as his phone's wallpaper - with the text from the other woman covering his son's face.

The damning evidence of the ex-boyfriend's infidelity shocked her viewers, many of whom were stunned by the brazen nature of his cheating.

Others were outraged by the man's audacity to have his newborn son as his screensaver while cheating on the mother of his child, while many pressed @Aubrecita for more details on the scandal. 

In several replies, the woman confirmed she had never forgiven the father and the incident had happened nine years ago.

"I left him, and I'm now married to a man who restored my faith in men," she responded, adding that she was grateful their relationship was never legally binding. 

"One thing I'm incredibly thankful for is that we were never married."

While a few viewers left unkind or cruel messages, the majority expressed their support for @Aubrecita - while others couldn't help but make light of the way the mum had found out about her former partner's transgressions. 

"Crosses Marissa off the baby name list," one quipped, while another joked: "As a Marissa, we do NOT claim her."

"Please tell me you texted her back [saying], 'can't, just had a baby'," a third said.

Her ex-boyfriend hadn't even bothered to conceal the evidence.
Her ex-boyfriend hadn't even bothered to conceal the evidence. Photo credit: @Aubrecita / TikTok

In her responses, @Aubrecita provided some further insight into the situation, claiming her former partner had been a serial cheater. She also acknowledged that Marissa wasn't to blame for the infidelity.

"Honestly Marissa was innocent, she didn't know," she clarified. "Plus, he was texting like three other girls - so she was getting played too.

"She definitely did not know he had a girlfriend, much less a whole baby, so I forgive her."

"He should've taken a page from my ex-husband's book and turned [his] notifications off," another deadpanned, to which the woman replied: "I'd say rookie mistake but he was a seasoned pro and def should have known better by this point.

"I investigated and this wasn't even the worst that I found."

Some viewers were quick to brand the story as fake, an assumption that @Aubrecita replied to - and dismissed.

In a follow-up clip, she showed her followers the original files of the photos on her computer, dated from 2013.