Sydney gym bans Millennials to create safe space for Boomers

Only people aged over 50 can join the gym.
Only people aged over 50 can join the gym. Photo credit: Getty Images

A gym has just opened in Sydney, but its doors remain shut for Millennials and Gen Zs.

The Australian gym chain Club Active has a unique set of rules including no one under the age of 50 can join.

Set up by Jonathan Freeman, the gym is a "safe space for Boomers" that caters specifically to those over 50.

"Mainstream gyms are certainly not designed to support this age group, nor are they overly welcoming, which often impacts their motivation for and ability to exercise comfortably and regularly," Freeman told

"The truth is, the traditional gym environment can often be intimidating for the ageing population which is why I set out to create a space that was welcoming, supportive and fun and catered specifically to their needs."

Freeman is no stranger to fitness, as he worked as Chris Hemsworth's exercise physiologist as the trainer responsible for keeping him in peak condition when filming the movie Thor.

Now Freeman's goal is to get rid of the intimidation factor so people over 50 can feel comfortable exercising.

According to Freeman, only one in 10 Australians over 50 do enough exercise to gain any cardiovascular benefit.

"Part of the challenge is that the traditional fitness industry does not have a strong focus on health for all ages," Freeman said on his website.

But the concept hasn't gone down well with people of all ages, with Freeman telling the news outlet he has had push back from some Millennials, but he says he's okay with that.

With seven gyms now open across New South Wales and Queensland, maybe Freeman could open one more in New Zealand.