Tips and tricks on starting DIY projects

  • 30/03/2022
  • Sponsored by - Resene

Magic Talk radio host Carly Flynn chats with Resene colour consultant Brooke Calvert on tip and tricks when starting DIY projects.  

Brooke says a great place to start when looking for inspiration is by looking at Pinterest, Habitat by Resene or even your own artwork! Resene has a palette generator on their website where you can upload an image of your artwork and it will create a palette of colours based off that.  

Starting the design process can be over-whelming and Brooke suggests looking at the most expensive fixtures in the house first.

"Leave your paint colours until near the end just because you have so much paint colours to play around with."

The Resene website has handy how-to video guides to help you get started or pop-in store to speak with one their friendly consultants. 

Listen to the interview above for more DIY tips.

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