US man gets CC'd into company email after applying for job, HR worker urges hirer to 'reject' him

A young man was left devastated after he was allegedly CC'd into an email chain discussing his job application, with the company's human resources adviser suggesting he should be "rejected". 

The American man, a 19-year-old named Alexander, shared the shocking email to his TikTok account last week, captioning the clip: "[I] hate it here."

The video, which has since amassed more than 4.7 million views, shows Alexander looking dejected as he shares the crushing email, which simply reads: "Well that's interesting, ok so let's reject him."

"Yeah break-ups hurt and stuff but have ya'll ever been CC'd on HR emails talking about why they don't want to hire you?" he captioned the clip. 

To protect the employee's privacy, Alexander, who creates TikToks under the username @noveltygay, censored any incriminating information in the email.

It's unclear which company Alexander had applied for, however he mentioned in a follow-up clip that the position was at a New York-based coffee retailer. 

In the second video, which has since been deleted, Alexander explained the backstory to the incident, claiming he had applied for a job with the business on three separate occasions - in April 2021, December 2021, and most recently, a few weeks ago.

"What the email had said about me is that I didn't show up for an interview in December. However when I applied in December, I'd reached out, got in contact, and they [said] they were going to send me times," Alexander claimed.

"They'd supposedly sent me an interview time... I'd never [received] it. And I applied again later on, and this email proved to me that they had thought they'd sent me interview times and they had not.

"And it was not my fault I didn't show up for the interview - I would never no call, no-show to an interview."

Alexander said he had replied to the accidental email, simply stating, "Ouch," before later sending a more in-depth response explaining his side of the story.

He added that he had provided screenshots as evidence that he had never received any information about an interview following his previous application - however, the company has since gone "silent" and ignored his emails.

Alexander defended his skills in the clip, arguing that he was a "good worker" who had trained under "certified baristas", and slammed the company's "disorganisation" that led to him being accidentally CC'd in an email discussion.

"I'm not going to be putting up with s***," he added.

In another video uploaded to his account, Alexander shared an unfortunate update on his situation, writing: "Solid life advice, don't air out a company's dirty laundry that has fundraising ties to the district you work for because you might just find yourself unemployed at 12pm on a random Monday."

In his latest update, Alexander confirmed he has since been fired from his job as a substitute teacher following the fall-out from his now viral video.

"I did speculate that because the company I talked about was a fundraising partner for the school, that may have played a hand," he said.

"They didn't give me that as an official reason as to why I was let go… it was along the lines of that my social media doesn't [align] with the school.

"I think it's rather unfair that I didn't get a warning, and that's why I assume something else must've gone on behind the scenes."

He also explained why he had taken down the 'Part Two' to his predicament, saying the clip had just caused him "more issues". He directed any curious new followers to the media's coverage of his hiring horror story. 

"I'm moving on to better things," he continued. "Yes, I'm very disappointed that I lost my job, however a lot of doors are opening up for me. I'm going to be on a talk show this week.

"I haven't felt a lot of negatives because I've been getting [so much] support through TikTok."

Alexander's story has captured the attention of millions, with many sharing their own anecdotes. 

"I wish I got emails like this because at least I'll know WHY I WAS GHOSTED," one joked.

"This happened to me! Their response was, 'Well I don't know, she seems kind of flakey'. I responded with, 'At least I can avoid reply all'," a second shared.

"I got CC'd into the email where they were planning on firing me," a third added, while a fourth commented: "I left a job once after I heard the managers mocking an applicant who was waiting downstairs. Toxic and unprofessional environments aren't it."

"Once I applied for a job, the woman shook my hand, told me to have a nice day, and there was a rejection email in my inbox before I'd left the building," another pitched in.

Others reassured Alexander that if the incident is anything to go by, he'd dodged a bullet.

"[I'll] be honest with you, if they are this disorganised and… unprofessional, you don't want the job, it's going to be a nightmare working [there]."