Australian woman verbally abused on Brisbane street by stranger for wearing gym shorts

Screenshots from Absolom's video of the stranger verbally abusing her
The young woman was verbally abused on the streets of Brisbane for a complete stranger for wearing gym shorts. Photo credit: Jasmine Absolom / TikTok

Warning: This story contains language that some readers may find distressing.

A young woman has shared distressing footage of a stranger verbally abusing her on a Brisbane street after she walked past wearing activewear. 

Jasmine Absolom, 24, had been exercising in the Queensland capital last Thursday when an unknown woman confronted her on the street and claimed her grey gym shorts were too revealing to be worn in public. 

The stranger began hurling insults at Absolom, launching into a vicious tirade that stunned the 24-year-old and left her understandably distressed. 

As the situation rapidly escalated, Absolom, a marketing assistant, began recording the horrific encounter on her phone - footage that later amassed thousands of views after she shared it on TikTok.

In the video, the woman can be heard screaming obscenities at Absolom, branding the popular Muscle Nation 'scrunch booty shorts' she was wearing "disgusting" and claiming they exposed her privates. 

Speaking to about the experience, Absolom said she had purchased a bottle of water from the supermarket and was walking home when the woman emerged from a side street. 

"She just starts screaming at me. She was yelling, 'Get your f**king ass out of my face' and was calling me a 'whore' and a 'slut'.

"Then she said, 'I can see your clitoris' and called me 'disgusting'. I was in complete shock."

The 24-year-old, who had paired her activewear with a "puffy jumper", said she attempted to reason with the woman, but it only escalated the situation.

"She started to tell me it was my fault women get raped, saying the way I dressed 'provoked men'... I was just so angry. It's disgusting to say to another woman, 'You are the reason other women are getting raped'."

After a few minutes of enduring the vicious verbal attack, Absolom said the stranger started becoming increasingly aggressive, so she squirted her water bottle at her to escape.

"When I got around the corner, I burst into tears," she said. "I called my best friend and sent her the video."

The outfit Absolom had been wearing at the time of the attack - grey shorts and a purple sports bra
The outfit Absolom had been wearing at the time of the attack. Photo credit: Jasmine Absolom / TikTok

Absolom later decided to share a snippet of the footage to her TikTok account in a bid to raise awareness of the dangers women continue to face, captioning the clip: "#KarensGoneWild".

In the video, Absolom also shared a photo of the outfit she had been wearing at the time of the attack - the grey shorts, paired with a purple sports bra, with the aforementioned jumper over the top.

The footage incensed viewers, with many in shock that the stranger had become so volatile. Others acknowledged that the activewear was entirely appropriate and looked like a standard outfit most women would wear to work out in. 

"You're in workout gear... Has she not seen people out like this before?" one viewer commented.

"I wear less than that every day lol, [I'd] love to hear what she has to say about me," another remarked.

Others noted that a comment the stranger had made about Absolom's clothing being an offense to Muslim women was completely incorrect.

"I'm a Muslim [and] whatever you want to wear hun, go for it -  she doesn't speak for us," one wrote, with a second adding: "As [a] Muslim we don't care what anyone wears - that girl [has] no point by bringing us up."

"What a sad woman, you look awesome," a fifth weighed in.

"How'd you have the strength to not strangle her with her own scarf?" another quipped.

Absolom told that after she shared the footage, another woman in Brisbane contacted her to say that she had experienced a similar confrontation in the city.

"I was not walking around in a G-string and even if I was, you don't have the right to say that to me," Absolom said. "This behaviour is so wrong and needs to stop."

It appears the video has since been taken down from Absolom's account.