Kiwis turn 'bonkers idea' into the world's first-ever tomato beer

New Zealand is used to being the first at things: Everest, splitting the atom, winning a Rugby World Cup - but this might be our finest achievement yet.

A farmer and a brewer in south Auckland have collaborated to make the world's first tomato beer.

"We have lots of crazy ideas. Some of them work, some of them don't. Let's just see if this one does," Curious Croppers Tomatoes owner Anthony Tringham says.

It's an idea born and made in Clevedon after Tringham handed over 170kg of his Curious Croppers tomatoes to the nearby Hallertau brewery in December.

And this is the result: 600 litres of tomato beer.

"Who knows? Tomatoes could replace hops as the number one flavour of beer," Hallertau marketing director David Johnston says.

It's inspired by a Michelada, a Mexican cocktail made of beer and tomato juice.

But unlike other concoctions, where the juice is mixed in later, here the tomatoes are fermented with the grain from the get-go.

"The whole thing's going in, this tomato is being chopped up and macerated and cooked with the beer," Tringham says.

Because of that, both grower and brewer are pretty sure it's the world's first tomato beer.

"Yes because it's such a bonkers idea, yes," Tringham says.

No longer restricted to brown drafts and fizzy lagers, beers are getting weirder and Kiwis love them.

"This beer would not be made in Germany, but you know, that's what it's all about. We like to innovate, that's what the craft beer scene does," Johnston says.

With beers made from tangelo, pickles, and beetroot sauerkraut, Hallertau is a brewery used to pushing the boat out.

But even they admit this one's a bit out there.

"We were initially sceptical, we batted around a few ideas, but I think the result has been really positive," Johnston says.

They're hoping craft beer lovers' curiosity makes this creation a fixture of taps everywhere.