TikTok cleaning expert reveals three 'life-changing' hacks to achieve a sparkling bathroom

Screenshots of Mila cleaning her bathroom in the video
The cleaning pro has shared three hacks that will change the way you clean your bathroom. Photo credit: Mama Mila / TikTok

As an adult, there are a number of wretched, oftentimes disgusting tasks one must begrudgingly do to live in a functioning household - but of all the godforsaken chores, cleaning the bathroom is probably the grimmest.

Between unclogging the drains, disinfecting the toilet bowl and descaling the grout, cleaning the bathroom is like entering a cesspit of built-up grime, gunk and bodily fluids. It can also take time: from the floors to the shower to the loo, there are several components that each require their own products and formulas, and a lot of old-fashioned elbow grease. 

Thankfully, TikTok is here to make our lives a little bit easier with its proliferation of tricks and tips. Enter #CleanTok, a specialty area of the app where billions of people take advice from bite-sized videos spanning household hacks and cleaning counsel.

And one Australian cleaning expert, Chantel Mila - who goes by the username Mama Mila - is sweeping up fans with her handy hacks. A self-proclaimed wizard in the world of cleaning, styling and DIY tasks, her videos frequently attract millions of views. 

In a clip that has been viewed more than 1.3 million since it was shared over the weekend, Mila outlined her three favourite hacks to achieve a sparkling bathroom - tips that have been hailed as "life-changing" by her viewers.

"Three cleaning hacks that will change the way you clean your bathroom," she captioned the clip.

Firstly, Mila suggested using denture tablets to whiten the sink with minimal effort. Simply fill the sink with water, add a couple of the tablets and leave them to soak - a hack she said will help to brighten the porcelain without scrubbing.

For her second tip, Mila recommended filling a dish wand with half a cup of white vinegar, a few drops of tea tree oil and two tablespoons of dish soap to create a "powerful" solution. She then filmed herself using the dish wand to clean her glass shower, claiming the concoction works well on soap scum and grime - just make sure to rinse the glass thoroughly afterwards.

For her last hack, Mila said the same solution can be used to clean shower tiles quickly and effectively. To optimise the process, she suggested adding the solution to a spray mop, which can be used to polish and disinfect the tiles from a standing position. 

"That tile hack [is] going to change my life, I can feel it. Thank you!" one grateful viewer commented.

"Legit never thought about using a mop like that on my floor-to-ceiling tiles! Thank you," a second chimed in.

"I like using denture tabs to clean humidifier tanks too," another suggested, with a fourth adding: "if you [want to] make the tiles shine you can also use Windex and always dry with a microfibre [cloth]."

However, some critics of Mila's methods claimed the vinegar solution wouldn't work effectively on water stains, with one saying they'd tried the tip to no avail.

In another viral video, the US woman behind the TikTok account Neat Caroline shared her methods to achieving a sparkling clean bathroom in six simple steps. 

In the clip, Caroline also recommended using white vinegar to clean the shower, mixing the staple with water to spray the glass and remove any marks before wiping with a microfibre cloth.

For the toilet, Caroline left half a cup of hydrogen peroxide to soak in the bowl for 25 minutes - during which she used an all-purpose cleaner and a rag to wipe down the seat and surfaces. After almost half an hour, she used a brush to scrub the bowl to a sparkling finish.

For a particularly gross and grimy sink, the expert recommended using a damp sponge with dish soap and baking soda to remove stubborn stains, and either rubbing alcohol or vinegar and water followed by a microfibre cloth to keep the taps spotless and streak-free. 

Moving to the floors, Caroline was also a proponent of the spray mop and suggested using the product after a dry dusting mop to ensure any dust and dirt has been collected. To leave it spick and span, she also recommended adding some elbow grease and using an all-purpose cleaner and a rag to further polish up the flooring. 

Lastly, Caroline cleaned the mirror using the same solution of vinegar and water and wiped it dry with a microfibre cloth. Once your labouring has come to an end, the rags can be chucked in the washing machine - in a separate load - with a detergent on a hot cycle.

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