UK mum claims daughter was hospitalised after eating a Kinder Surprise egg

UK mum claims daughter was hospitalised after eating a Kinder Surprise egg

A mother in the UK says her daughter had to be hospitalised with salmonella after eating a Kinder Surprise egg.

Warwick mother Lauren Hammersley, claims she rushed her two-year-old daughter Miley, straight to Warwick Hospital when she became extremely unwell after consuming the chocolate egg.

"She was very lethargic, she wasn't keeping her fluids down, she was in a lot of pain in her stomach," Hammersley's mother told ITV.

The two-year-old was given antibiotics by the doctor, however, due to the severity of her salmonella, ending up in intensive care after contracting sepsis. Doctors feared her organs would fail.

ITV reported she was then transferred to Birmingham Children's Hospital for urgent treatment before moving back to Warwick Hospital.

Food Standards Agency (FSA) launched an investigation after doctors suspected she contracted salmonella, a severe type of food poisoning.

Chocolate firm Ferrero recalled several of its Kinder Surprise products - including in New Zealand - earlier this week after suspected salmonella contamination.

An initial outbreak saw 63 people in the UK, mostly children under the age of five, become infected with salmonella linked to Kinder Surprise eggs.

Head of Incidents for the FSA Tina Potter, urged customers to follow the advice to not purchase the eggs.

Ferrero said in a statement they are sorry to hear about Miley's case and they are taking the matter extremely seriously, ITV reports.

New Zealand Food Safety made the decision to recall several of the kinder products on Thursday, including Kinder Surprise eggs, Kinder Surprise Maxi, and Kinder mini eggs.