US woman goes viral on TikTok for 'brilliant' plan after cheating man slides into her DMs

Screenshots from Zaiah's video showing the Instagram exchange
The young woman has been applauded online for her savage response to a man who sent her suggestive messages despite being in a relationship. Photo credit: @zaiahhoke / TikTok

While social media can open up opportunities for sexy singletons, it also can be the root of many issues within a relationship. From the models your significant other chooses to follow, to strangers sliding in their DMs, to 'accidentally' liking an ex's photos, there's plenty of trouble one can run into. 

And unfortunately, technology has made it easier than ever for people to flirt with infidelity - or commit unadulterated cheating. With passcode-protected devices, 'secret conversations', Snapchat, FaceTime and of course, the ability to erase incriminating evidence with a tap of a finger, there are so many ways people can entertain others on the side - unbeknownst to the person sleeping next to them.

For one woman, a man's unsolicited advances on Instagram put her in a tricky predicament when she saw he was clearly in a relationship with another person.

Sharing her experience to TikTok, Zaiah Hoke - an 18-year-old from the US state of Texas - decided not to get mad, but to get even.

In a clip which has since amassed more than 1.2 million views, Hoke shared her interaction with the man on Instagram, who initiated the conversation with the salacious message: "Lemme wife u up rnnnn fr [right now, for real]."

It appeared the man had sent the message - which was followed by emojis of a heart and diamond ring - in response to a photo Hoke had shared of herself in a bikini or underwear set.

After perusing his account, Hoke quickly discovered that the man was already in a relationship, according to his photos.

Replying to the stranger's message, Hoke simply wrote: "I just looked at your account and your gf [girlfriend] is so pretty!

"Looks like I can wife her up after I send her a screenshot of this."

Clearly taken aback by her withering response, the man backtracked: "Females can't even take compliments these days, I was just playin fr [for real]."

But it didn't take long for the man to realise the possible consequences of his behaviour, quickly following up with "DON'T TELL HER", along with two emojis of praying hands. 

"Sorry I got hacked, idk [I don't know] wut that was [sic]," he added.

Sharing the screenshots to her TikTok, Hoke captioned the clip: "The way they all act the same when they get caught or rejected."

Shocked viewers were quick to share their own anecdotes in the comments, while others couldn't help but find the man's hasty retreat hilarious.

"He did not say he was hacked, I'm wheezing," one woman laughed, with a second adding: "Hackers are getting specific now."

"LOL all these are alike. The flirty 'compliment', the insult after rejection, the 'my cat hacked my phone' excuses," another said.

Others felt sorry for the man's girlfriend, who presumably was not aware of her partner's behaviour online.

Others commiserated with the man's girlfriend, who presumably was not aware of her partner's bad behaviour online.

"I feel so bad for his gf, she deserves so much better," one weighed in.

Many wondered if Hoke had followed through with her threat and contacted the man's other half with evidence of his indiscretion, with one quipping: "Why can't [his] gf know he is a well-mannered man who just compliments women? Do it."

Hoke later revealed she had informed his partner, with viewers rushing to applaud her bold decision. At the time of writing, Hoke has not shared an update on the situation or whether the woman has responded.

"I wish all girls would look out for each other like this," one commented, while another added: "Good for you. We gotta stick together."

In a comment, Hoke asked other women to get in contact with her if they had suspicions about their partner and their behaviour on social media. In a follow-up video, Hoke shared that she had followed through with her offer, 'hitting on' the partners of her followers via Instagram to see what their responses would be - and some didn't pass the test. 

"DM me if you want me to test your man's loyalty," she captioned the clip.