Cadbury and Tip Top launch Dairy Milk Tip Top Boysenberry Ripple chocolate in first-ever collab

New chocolate block next to a picture of the original Boysenberry Ripple ice-cream
The chocolate block has reimagined the classic ice-cream flavour and Cadbury is hopeful Kiwis will love it as much as the OG. Photo credit: Supplied / Tip Top

Wouldn't it be nice if the world was Cadbury? Well, we can't always get what we want, but the confectionery giant has taken its chocolate down under in its first-ever collaboration with beloved Kiwi ice-cream brand, Tip Top - bringing a slice of Kiwi heaven to its repertoire.

Pair Tip Top's award-winning Boysenberry Ripple ice-cream with Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate and you get Cadbury Dairy Milk Tip Top Boysenberry Ripple, a rich blend of milk and white chocolate with a core of boysenberry-flavoured jelly and vanilla crème.

To ensure the brand-new choc block received a lick of approval, Cadbury scoured the country to find New Zealand's 'Boysenberry Ripple Expert': a person who could taste-test the new creation with a seasoned palate to determine whether the burst of boysenberry lived up to its namesake. After numerous applications and an extensive selection process, Wellingtonian and ice-cream connoisseur Auroara Dale was crowned with the title. 

"There are huge numbers of Boysenberry Ripple fans in every town in New Zealand and we're excited to hear their verdicts now the blocks have hit shelves. But after reading Auroara's entry it was clear she should be the expert we put up to the task of taste-testing our Boysenberry Ripple inspired chocolate," Will Papesch, a spokesperson for Cadbury New Zealand, told Newshub.

"We know Tip Top's Boysenberry Ripple ice-cream is a favourite with Kiwis, so we want to hear what they think of this latest creation."

In their first collaboration, Cadbury and Tip Top teamed up to reimagine one of New Zealand's favourite ice-cream flavours as a tasty chocolate treat - resulting in a "delicious", special-edition block that is now exclusively available in Aotearoa. A number of variations faced the chopping block throughout the process to replicate the much-loved flavour.

Cadbury and Tip Top launch Dairy Milk Tip Top Boysenberry Ripple chocolate in first-ever collab
Photo credit: Supplied

"We think it's really delicious. It's a blend of smooth Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate and Cadbury Dream white chocolate on the outside, complete with a delightful boysenberry flavoured jelly and vanilla flavoured crème filling," Papesch added. 

And the chocolate passed Auroara's taste-test with flying colours, with the newly crowned 'Boysenberry Ripple Expert' admitting the creation was "even tastier" than she expected.

The chocolate block is available for a limited time.