Inside Dali exhibition takes you into the mind of one the craziest artists of all time

Salvador Dali is probably the most recognisable surrealist artist of the 20th century. 

He painted, lived and breathed the bizarre. His works explored some of his deepest and darkest parts of his subconscious.

Dali was one of the first celebrity artists who really knew the power of media; it was very rare not to hear Dali refer to himself in the third person.

Some of his peers accused him of being a sell-out. Dali was a fan of the lavish rock-star lifestyle his art and ego provided for him and never settled for the starving artist narrative.  

Dali died in 1989, leaving the world a more bizarre place than when he emerged from the womb 84 years prior.

If the past few years are anything to go by, the world is very surreal at the moment and Dali's art and influence has yet to fade. 

Inside Dali is bringing Salvador's work into the 21st century, opening in Auckland on May 28 and running until June 30. The exhibition is then heading to Christchurch from July 11.

Watch the video above.