Let's keep it brief: New Zealanders don't want you to return your used underwear

A Kiwi customer has gone viral after ranting about not being able to return a multipack of underwear she had purchased at The Warehouse.

The woman had got the wrong size and only one pair had been worn, so what do Kiwis think?

The Project took to the streets to cast the net on what Kiwis think about returning used underwear and the feelings are pretty clear - no.

"That's disgusting, because that's your private area," one woman said.

"Technically no, because if it's been worn - it's unhygienic.

"If they're still brand new with the label on, I don't see the problem," she added.

"No, plus people could try them on at home and bring them back," one man said.

One woman even claimed that people will try underwear on after peeling off the protection layer in the gusset.

Consumer NZ's Caitlin Cherry told The Project it's understandable why retailers wouldn't take used underwear back.

"[They] might not want to receive a pair of soiled, used underpants," she said.

She added consumers can return underwear if they are broken - but not because they don't like the colour or they're uncomfortable.

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