MasterChef NZ: AM descends into chaos as Ryan Bridge brandishes blowtorch during cook-off

Ryan Bridge, Melissa Chan-Green and Bernadine Oliver-Kerby put the 'breakfast' in breakfast television on Friday morning as the three hosts battled it out to be crowned AM's 'MasterChef'.

With MasterChef NZ's three judges Nadia Lim, Vaughan Mabee and Michael Dearth hovering and heckling, the AM hosts were tasked with putting together an aesthetically pleasing fruit platter in just two minutes. Equipped with matching ingredients and utensils, the hosts rushed to cobble together their creations, their feverish chopping peppered with incoherent squeals as the clock continued to tick.

But the competition heated up - literally - when Bridge suddenly brandished a blowtorch, with an understandably distracted Chan-Green warning him to keep its flame away from her. Wielding the fiery device, Bridge proceeded to caramelise his bananas - adding extra panache to his platter.

With the two minutes over, it was time for the judges to do what they do best: judge each contestant's efforts with a discerning eye. Approaching the counter, each host had time to explain the inspiration behind their creation.

First up was Oliver-Kerby, who had been inspired by Bridge's "next-level dolphin walk" during the week. Deftly slicing the banana and carving its peel to resemble the aquatic mammal, Oliver-Kerby completed the dish with apple wedges and a pear emblazoned with a smiley face.

"Was this for MasterChef Junior?" Dearth quipped.

Meanwhile, Bridge presented his apple in an aesthetic arrangement, complete with the caramelised banana, and Chan-Green went for a "rustic" approach, artfully arranging banana and chocolate along the chopping board with a sprinkle of pips for added interest.

But who was crowned AM's Masterchef?

Watch the video to find out.