Melania Trump slams 'biased' Vogue for not putting her on cover

Former first lady Melania Trump
Former first lady Melania Trump Photo credit: ABC/File

Former first lady Melania Trump has slammed Vogue as "biased" after being one of the few first ladies not to appear on the magazine's front cover.

In her first television interview since leaving the White House, the former first lady was asked about not being on the cover despite having a background in fashion and business.

"They're biased and they have likes and dislikes, and it's so obvious," Trump told Fox Nation.

"And I think American people and everyone sees it. It was their decision, and I have much more important things to do - and I did in the White House - than being on the cover of Vogue."

Since Vogue started in 1892, many first ladies and female politicians have been featured in the iconic American magazine. 

According to Vogue, 14 first ladies have appeared in the magazine from Lou Henry Hoover and Eleanor Roosevelt to more recently Jill Biden and Michelle Obama. 

Politicians Kamala Harris and Hilary Clinton have also made an appearance.

Before her controversial husband came into power, Melania was on Vogue's cover back in 2005 when she married Donald Trump.

She also reportedly turned down a Vogue photoshoot while Donald Trump was in office because the magazine could not guarantee her the cover.