Mum with 'age-defying' looks reveals secret to her 'incredible' appearance

Pictures of Kim Macgregor smiling and wearing a bikini and fun outfits
The mum has wowed viewers with her youthful looks. Photo credit: Kim Macgregor / TikTok

A mum-of-three has been hailed as "age-defying" due to her youthful appearance and toned, trim physique, with fans floored by her real age.

Kim Macgregor, who is based in California, has amassed more than 17,600 followers on the video-sharing app TikTok for her beauty, skincare and nutritional advice and inspirational content promoting a clean, active and healthy lifestyle.

But with her trendy outfits, glowing skin and muscular figure, fans of Macgregor are consistently shocked to discover her real age - with many blown away by her vigorous exercise routine and fresh-faced appearance. 

Macgregor, who is a mother to three daughters, is 53-years-old - a fact she advertises proudly on her platform.

"Fifty-three-years-old, three daughters, six years post-menopause," Macgregor captioned a recent clip, in which she posed against a beach hut in a white bikini that showed off her svelte figure. 

But what isn't a secret is how hard Macgregor works to maintain her appearance. In the clip, which has been viewed more than 810,000 times, the mum-of-three shared her top tips to "looking and feeling your best".

For her first piece of advice, Macgregor recommends working out three to five times per week, lifting weights as well as cardio. It's well-known that weight lifting doesn't just tone your limbs - other benefits include better sleep, improved posture, a boosted metabolism, better bone density and lowered inflammation.

For her second tip, Macgregor stresses the importance of "gut health". The 53-year-old, a self-proclaimed proponent of "healthy ageing" and "nourishing the body, mind and spirit", regularly uses her platform to promote the benefits of a healthy gut. She often encourages her followers to "take care" of their microbiome in order to "look and feel [their] best - even in [their] 50s".

The clip also shows Macgregor, who only uses clean supplements, adding water to a collagen powder - a popular product touted as improving the skin's elasticity and keeping the complexion plump and youthful. With age, the body's ability to produce collagen naturally wanes. Supplements claim to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the body to produce collagen on its own.

The woman has been widely applauded by her astonished viewers, many of whom have flooded her account with compliments. 

"Thought you were Heidi Klum!" one person wrote, with a second adding: "You look incredible."

"Holy shit girl! My new idol," another stated, with a fourth agreeing: "You look gorgeous."

But one believed Macgregor's intensive regimen may "consume her life", claiming it would be hard for her to "relax and be happy" with the pressure she puts on herself - a comment the TikToker denied. In her response, she said she is the "happiest I have ever been". 

"I can't believe you're older than I am," another commented, with a sixth person adding: "I am 49, how did you do it". A man agreed: "Wow, you look 33. Good job."

"You look amazing and do not look 53."

In another tip shared with her followers, Macgregor revealed she uses a vegan elixir to maintain her skin's collagen production and is a fan of vegan haircare to keep her tresses in tip-top condition. She also uses a fake tan to enhance her glow and clean, natural skincare.

Another clip sharing a snippet of her workout routine shows the mum using light weights and bodyweight exercises to keep her arms, abs and legs taut. 

Earlier this year, another "age-defying" quinquagenarian went viral on TikTok when people got wind of her real age. Renae Olivia stunned her viewers when she revealed she was 51, an age her fans claimed was incongruous with her slick style and deftly applied makeup.