OnlyFans: British couple earn thousands a month dressing up as Disney's Tarzan and Jane

Pictures of Michael and Terri posing for OnlyFans in their costumes of choice
The couple have carved out a space on the content subscription service by posing for racy pics in a number of costumes - including Tarzan and Jane. Photo credit: Michael Martin / Yorkshire Live

In 2022, the ways in which one can make a bit of extra cash on the side are seemingly limitless: with this thing called the internet, it's never been easier for anyone to make a quick buck.

Enter OnlyFans, a platform where content creators earn money from "fans" who subscribe to their account to access exclusive content, a service which is particularly popular among sex workers and for amateur porn. There appears to be a creator to scratch every itch -  even if you enjoy watching a little bit of roleplay between Disney characters. 

A husband-and-wife duo are making a name for themselves in the X-rated industry by dressing as Tarzan and Jane, based on Disney's 1999 animated film.

The couple claim to earn up to £10,000 (NZ$19,433) per month by cosplaying as the couple: a fictional man who was raised by gorillas in the African jungle and his love interest, Jane Porter, the daughter of an eccentric scientist.

According to reports, 29-year-old Terri Martin joined the platform after quitting her job as a shop assistant during Britain's COVID-19 lockdown in a bid to make more money. After growing resentful of his wife's antics, Michael - a former courier driver - realised they could make more money as a team, and signed up to the service shortly after.

The pair, who reside in Bristol in England's southwest, now pose for racy pictures together while clad in various costumes, including neon undergarments and their Tarzan-and-Jane get-up.

Speaking to Yorkshire Live, the couple - who share a son together - admitted they are "most popular" among swingers from the northern county, who form the majority of their clientele. 

"We get a lot of people who love our content from Yorkshire. A lot of Yorkshire swingers have got in touch with us," Michael told the outlet.

"We began by posting just what we wanted to show but now we cater to people's preferences. We have one man who comes to us every Friday and buys 30 pictures a week of us."

Known as 'Tee and Miks' on OnlyFans, the saucy spouses charge £12.99 ($25) per person, per month, and £124.70 ($242) for a year's subscription.

"It isn't easy," Michael told Yorkshire Live. "I don't think people realise how much work goes into it… We work 40 hours a week to get content out. We are very aware it is different to manual labour and it is so much better than our jobs before.

"There's a lot of promotion involved in the job too and hours spent editing. Making £10,000 a month isn't easy - and we hope to keep that growing more and more."

Despite raking in the cash, not everyone is supportive of the twosome's endeavours - including Terri's mum, who dubbed the porny position as "an act of prostitution", Michael claimed. The duo have also faced judgement for partaking in amateur porn together, but he said the venture is still "definitely doable" as a married couple.

"[People] think we're weird for doing it as a married couple," he said. "We get a lot of people asking how we got into it… you just have to keep going and build your profile and you will get there.

"We are not interested in meeting up with people - we only post content online for people to enjoy."