Reddit shocked by Donald Trump-themed wedding cake, complete with 'MAGA' hat

Photo of couple posing next to Donald Trump-themed wedding cake
Honestly, it's as scary as it sounds. Photo credit: weddingshaming / Reddit

You only need to google 'wacky wedding cakes' to see how absolutely bonkers humans can be. From Yoda to a sushi platter to a lifesize replica of the bride herself, 'creative' cakes are not a new phenomenon.

However, this cake may just trump them all. 

For their big day, a happy couple decided the icing on the cake would be to have a bust of Donald Trump presiding over their table - and it looks even scarier than that sounds.

In photos shared to the popular Reddit forum 'Wedding Shaming', the married couple can be seen posing next to the head and shoulders of the former US President, clad in a white collared shirt, blue jacket and signature red 'Make America Great Again' cap. For an added touch, the bust is sitting atop a cake draped with an American flag that appears to be crafted out of fondant. To be fair, it is pretty impressive. 

As expected, the internet was equal parts outraged and entertained by the aptly described "batshit and weird" creation, with many taking to the comments to express their horror. 

Photo of couple posing next to Donald Trump-themed wedding cake
Photo credit: weddingshaming / Reddit

"I'm not a Trump supporter but there are still people I admire. I'd make my wedding cake into the likeness of none of them because that is batshit and weird," one exclaimed.

"Do these people ever have moments of clarity? Like do they step back and wonder how they came to a decision like this?"

"I'm certainly left-leaning, but the thought of a Biden or Obama wedding cake makes me cringe. These people are batshit insane," a second agreed.

"I mean, there are politicians I like, but I don't think of them in the same vein as, say, my favourite musician or my favourite actor. This kind of obsession is just bizarre," a third added, with a fourth noting: "And even if you did think of them like a celebrity... I mean, I wouldn't want a Jon Bon Jovi wedding cake. It's obsessive and weird."

"This whole cult of personality around Trump is the weirdest thing we've seen in this country in a looong time. Maybe ever," another observed.

"It is bonkers to me how people make liking certain politicians their whole personality. I think Bernie Sanders is the shit but there's no way I would involve him in my wedding planning, that's just weird," a user added.

Others criticised the cakemaker's craftsmanship, complaining that the creation wasn't nearly orange enough to bear a likeness to Trump.

"It doesn't even look like him. It's not nearly orange enough or blubbery enough. If it wasn't for the MAGA hat I wouldn't know who that cake was supposed to resemble..

Several agreed that the bride and groom - pretty all-American-looking folks - were exactly what they imagined a couple with a Donald Trump-themed wedding cake would look like.

"If you showed me a picture of the cake and told me to imagine what the bride and groom looked like, those two are exactly what I would have imagined," one said.

"The square jaw and Winklevoss haircut on the former high school starting quarterback who transitioned to frat house leader... and the empty, soulless eyes and fake smile of a woman that believes in being a southern Belle in the community and a rampant racist in the kitchen."

There were many, many more of the same ilk, but let's leave it at that. 

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