Scottish man flies to United States to meet Tinder match

Scotsman flew to Chicago to meet up with a tinder match.
Scotsman flew to Chicago to meet up with a tinder match. Photo credit: Tik Tok

A Scottish man has let his love life take flight, flying more than 8000km to meet a woman for the first time in the US city of Chicago.

In a TikTok video, Patrick Campbell said he had matched with the woman on the dating app Tinder and they formed an instant connection.

"I swear it looked like she was from Edinburgh, which really confused me but she isn't. Turned out she was from America - 4700 miles away (8047km) in Wisconsin in a place called New Glarus."

After splitting with his partner in January, Campbell said he decided to download Tinder for the first time to see if he had any luck, Femail Australia reported.

In the video, he said he was messaged by someone who he thought was "very bonny, very pretty".

The woman, named Bridget Kelly, then invited Campbell to a wedding in Chicago after chatting with him for a few months.

Kelly has also decided to share some of their journey on TikTok, creating a compilation video of the long-distance lovers exploring Chicago together.

Kelly told Femail Australia: "We didn't do this to cause a stir, but we can understand why hearing it has made so many think of romance books and movies or rom-coms. We're a little taken aback by our own story."

She had matched with the Scotsman by using Tinder Passport, a feature on the dating app which allows you to select a random country to see if there are any potential matches in that part of the world.

"If you told us back in early March this would happen by the end of May, neither of us would believe you. But sometimes, you feel inspired, and everything just feels right. This feels right," she said.