Strippers explain how strip clubs can be a 'leading indicator' in forecasting a recession

  • 29/05/2022

Some strippers believe a recession is guaranteed because strip clubs are emptying - a "leading indicator" there is an economic downturn.

A Twitter user who goes by the username @botticellibimbo on the platform said when people spend less in a strip club, it's a sign there could be a recession on the way.

"The strip club is sadly a leading indicator and I can promise y'all we [are] in a recession [sic]," she wrote.

"Me getting stock alerts just to decide whether it's worth it to go to work."

People took to the comments to confirm her sentiments about strip clubs quietening down.

"The strip club and the casinos (I work in a casino) - we have not been this dead, not even during the height of COVID, and the people who do come are stiffs or cheaper than usual for this time of year," one person said.

"I had a friend who stopped stripping after the 2008 housing crash. She said it was not worth dealing with men. Prior to that she was making over $2k and up a night, she said went down to $300/night. She got out quick. Definitely a good indicator how the economy is doing," another added.

But it wasn't just at strip clubs - those in other fields of work said they've also noticed a difference.

"I'm a mail carrier and have noticed the lack of volume of packages coming from one of my customers that has a home business. Shit's gonna get worse," one person wrote.

The original poster said "every single stripper" she knows is a "better trend forecaster than any finance bro or marketing exec".

"Ask any stripper, we have to be aware of how rich people are going to spend their money, stripping is betting on how the rich spend their money, you're gonna tell me that isn't just a stock exchange?"

One user responded with a personal story, sharing that in early 2007, a friend who was stripping at the time told them the club's been too dead for too long. She advised them to sell their stock and buy it back after it crashes.

"I thought she was crazy. But she did it, and she ended up almost doubling her money," they said.

"Just an anecdote to support the idea that strippers often have a good feel for financial trends because they observe their customers' spending habits, and their customers are often the people causing the trends / involved in the trends."

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