Twitter goes wild for Anthony Albanese's son Nathan, calling him 'Australia's most eligible bachelor'

  • 23/05/2022

The internet is going wild for the son of new Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese following his father's election win.

After making a rare appearance alongside his father on election night, 21-year-old Nathan Albanese was hailed online as "Australia's most eligible bachelor" and a "very good-looking young man".

Nathan's last appearance alongside his dad was on Saturday to cast his vote, but before that, he hadn't been seen publicly since the Labor campaign launch on May 1.

He's the child of Anthony and his ex-wife Carmel Tebbutt, who is a former New South Wales Labor MP. They split up in 2019 after 30 years together.

The 21-year-old's appearance on election night got tongues wagging, sending Twitter into a spin.

"Just wondering if Nathan Albanese has a girlfriend? My beautiful granddaughter would be perfect for him," one person said.

"Nathan Albanese - Australia's most eligible bachelor," another added.

"We will protect Nathan Albanese at all costs," a third said.

Anthony described Nathan as a "good luck charm" earlier in the election campaign, and paid tribute to his son and his mother in his victory speech.

"To my proudest achievement, my son, Nathan. Thank you, mate, for your love and support," the new Prime Minister said.

"Your mother, who's here tonight, Carmel - we are both so proud of the caring, wonderful, smart young man you have become."

The tender moment the pair shared on-stage also caught the attention of Twitter users, who were quick to praise the new Prime Minister for paying tribute to his son.

Anthony Albanese (C), accompanied by his partner Jodie Haydon (L) and son Nathan Albanese (R). on election night.
Anthony Albanese (C), accompanied by his partner Jodie Haydon (L) and son Nathan Albanese (R). on election night. Photo credit: Getty Images

"More than a tear. Albo also thanked Carmel Tebbut [Nathan's mother], his son Nathan and his partner Jodie Haydon. Says a lot about the man Albanese is," one person said.

"Good old Nathan Albanese totally has the look of 'holy f**k, my dad is the Prime Minister'," another joked.

"Anthony Albanese is a good man, a decent person. Here he is with his 'proudest achievement', his son Nathan, and his new partner," a third observed.

The Prime Minister said his son is still completing university and doesn't yet know if he will join his father at Kirribilli House, the Prime Minister's secondary official residence in Sydney, or remain at their family home in Marrickville.