Westpac Chopper Appeal: Crewman explains how rescue helicopters work and how they keep people safe

Accidents can happen in a matter of seconds and it's thanks to the life-saving help and support of our Westpac Rescue Helicopters that thousands of Kiwis are able to stay safe.

The rescue choppers allow Kiwis to enjoy day-to-day activities and adventures while knowing that if things go wrong, help is only a few minutes away.

The Westpac Chopper Appeal is running for the month of May, giving New Zealanders a chance to support their local rescue chopper's efforts to keep us all safe.

Westpac Chopper Crewperson Scott Palmer explains how the rescue helicopters work. Watch the video above to learn more about it.

Grab your phone, open the camera and scan the QR code in the video above to donate or donate here to support the rescue helicopters to continue helping people in need.

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