Woman asks her sister to be a bridesmaid after cheating with her ex-boyfriend, outraging Reddit

Two women arguing on the couch
The woman is outraged by her sister's audacity. Photo credit: Getty Images

Cheating is an absolute no-no no matter what, but cheating with your sister's boyfriend - and then marrying the dude - is perhaps the ultimate disloyalty. 

After her former partner cheated with her very own sister, a woman is point-blank refusing to be a bridesmaid at their upcoming nuptials - for obvious reasons. 

Sharing her story anonymously to the Reddit forum 'Am I the Asshole' - a space where people can vent to the strangers of the internet about their pressing moral predicaments - the woman explained that she and her sister have barely spoken since the scandal surfaced.

"I know the title sounds bad but here me out. I (24F) have a sister (28F) Lexi. Me and Lexi used to be really close and she was basically my best friend," the woman began.

"However, around seven or eight months ago I found out my boyfriend Jonah was cheating on me with her - and now they are getting married in August."

As she and her sister have hardly communicated since the dirty secret was uncovered, the woman said she is shocked by Lexi's audacious and "messed up" assumption that she will still serve as a bridesmaid at their wedding. 

Despite the circumstances, the woman said her sister is equally shocked that she doesn't want to be a part of the bridal party, with Lexi claiming she is "letting her down" and "wasting her money" as she had already gone ahead and purchased a bridesmaid dress.

"She also told me that she had already bought the dress, then said I would be letting her down and wasting the money she spent on the dress," the woman continued. 

"I said to her that just because she bought me a dress doesn't mean I have to be in her wedding [party]. 

"She started crying and telling me how I was being insensitive and holding a grudge against her. 

"I tried to tell her that I was sorry but she didn't listen and hung up. I did feel bad."

But wait, there's more. For the cherry on top of the wedding cake (baked with layers of lies and deceit), the woman's parents are also upset with her for refusing to take part in her sister's big day.

"Yesterday I went to my parent's house for dinner. What I didn't know is that Lexi had called them and told them what I said. So halfway through dinner, my mom says, 'You know Lexi and Jonah are happy together and they deserve to have the wedding they want'," the woman wrote.

"I looked up at her and said, 'What?' She says, 'Lexi told me what happened and you should be her bridesmaid. It's been so long since what happened you shouldn't care anymore and Lexi deserved to be happy'.

"I looked at her and said, 'She can be happy but I'm not going to be in a wedding with my cheating ex-boyfriend, and watch him marry my sister'. They looked at me like I had slapped them across the face."

She added that her dad then accused her of being "selfish", with the disagreement causing a rift between her and family. 

Despite the clear reasons behind her decision, her family's response appears to have weakened her resolve, with the woman turning to the online community for answers. After sharing her story, she asked: "AITA (am I the asshole] for not wanting to be a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding?"

The resounding answer was no, with the vast majority of readers agreeing the woman is under no obligation to attend her sister's nuptials given the two-timing circumstances.

"It may be hard to hear but you are better off without your parents and your sister in your life. They are all toxic," one said, with a second agreeing: "Leave these people. They have no sense of decency or honour. Damn."

Another wrote: "Don't go to the wedding. You have done nothing wrong and you are not being selfish. You are allowed to feel as you do and if this is the attitude of your sister and parents, you are definitely better off without them. I suspect a baby may be involved."

A fourth commented: "Takes a lot of nerve for anybody to even suggest you attend the wedding, let alone be in the bridal party. Yeah, they can have the wedding they want, but they can just have it without you."

While another suggested: "Or... and hear me out. OP [original poster] smiles sweetly and agrees - up until the priest asks if anyone objects. 

"OP tells everyone why she objects, then mic drops her way out of the chapel, never to see these assholes again."

The post has since been taken down by the woman.