Body-confident influencer hits back at trolls who slated her for wearing 'unflattering' swimwear

Emily Bispo in a bikini
A woman who has been shamed online for flaunting her curves in tiny bikinis has clapped back at the cruel remarks. Photo credit: Emily Bispo / TikTok

A woman who has been shamed online for flaunting her curves in tiny bikinis has clapped back at the cruel remarks directed at her body.

Emily Bispo, a 23-year-old influencer from California, has made a name for herself on the popular video-sharing platform TikTok with her inspiring and motivational content, much of which is focused on body positivity and embracing your figure no matter your size or shape.

Bispo, a size 12 - or New Zealand size 16 - frequently shares clips of her confidently parading in an array of colourful swimsuits that accentuate her figure, accompanied by uplifting messages such as "love your love handles" or "life is too precious to waste time worrying that I don't have the 'perfect' body".

Despite Bispo's content proving popular among her loyal fanbase, others have criticised the young woman for choosing swimwear that is "not very flattering" on her body - suggesting she should "cover up" her curves with more modest options. 

But Bispo appears largely unphased by the trolling, with the influencer - who boasts more than 1.3 million followers - clapping back at her critics with a short clip that shows off her figure in a statement, skimpy swimsuit. 

Quoting her condemners, Bispo captioned the footage: "'You should probably cover up, that's not very flattering'.

"It's hot chubby girl summer, mind [your] business!" she hit back.

The clip, which shows Bispo lounging poolside in a red-and-black micro bikini printed with flames, has racked up more than 40,000 likes and 457,000 views since it was shared last week. 

Fans of the influencer have applauded her defiant response, with many hailing her confidence as inspirational. 

"I love you so much, thank you for inspiring me to love my body," one declared. 

"It's actually so flattering and beautiful," a second added, with a third chiming in: "Convince me that there is beauty like this girl in the world."

"You make me feel so much better about myself," another shared, with a fifth agreeing: "You literally don't know how much of an effect you have on me! Like my big sister."

Others offered their support to Bispo and expressed their outrage at the abuse, declaring they "love every inch" of the influencer.

"You rocking it gurl, haters gonna hate," a viewer pitched in, with several urging her to never cover up her curves.

Bispo has long championed body positivity, coaching women on how to feel confident in the skin they're in and offering tips on how to dress to accentuate your shape.

"This is your sign to go put on a bikini and take cute beach pictures," she said in one of her swimwear videos.

In one candid clip, Bispo shared her experience with gaining weight in an attempt to normalise sometimes "much needed" changes in the body. 

"[A] reminder that weight gain is normal and sometimes MUCH needed. I feel so much healthier and happier in this body," she said. 

In New Zealand, the average woman weighs around 72kg and is a size 12 to 14.