Bride-to-be prompts outrage online after having her bridesmaids sign contracts, agree to a $100 deposit

Bride-to-be prompts outrage online after having her bridesmaids sign contracts, agree to a $100 deposit
Photo credit: Bridezillas / Reddit; Getty Images

There are several scenarios in life where contracts are necessary; employment, sales, tenancy and insurance may all require a legally binding agreement that is enforceable by law.

A less common example? Being presented with a contract by a bride-to-be after agreeing to be one of her bridesmaids - which is exactly what one bridezilla did.

According to an apparent contract shared to the popular Reddit forum Bridezillas, one bride-to-be served her bridesmaids with the documents to put the T&Cs of their role in writing.

Posted to the forum by an individual who goes by the username 'kcs4920' on Monday, the purported contract outlines the bridesmaids' obligations if they are to proceed as members of the bridal party.

"Let me just say again how happy I am that you agreed to be a part of my special day. Below are a few guidelines for the wedding that I'd like you to review," the contract begins.

"Please initial by each point, sign at the end and send [it] back to me. I just want to make sure we are all on the same page.

"Thanks a bunch! Love ya!"

The contract then proceeds to detail the bride's pledges to her party, including a promise that each of the bridesmaids will be consulted regarding their dresses, and "every attempt" will be made to keep the costs down.

"I WILL have you wearing coordinated dresses and I apologise in advance, BUT I promise to get everyone's input so everyone can feel comfortable and attractive, but the FINAL choice will be decided by me," the first 'clause' stipulates.

"I WILL make every attempt to keep things inexpensive for everyone, and to treat your time and energy with all the respect it deserves," the bride added.

Then, the document outlines the promises the bridesmaids will be making to her - if they sign the contract.

"YOU WILL purchase the decided-upon bridesmaid dress when the time comes without a fuss, even if it wasn't the one you liked most.

"YOU WILL pay [a] $100 deposit agreeing to these terms. The deposit will be added to your dress cost. Deposit NON-REFUNDABLE."

It's safe to say the contract wasn't mutually agreed upon by all readers, with many users taking to the comments to express their disgust at the document. 

Many also questioned the wording of the fourth term, wondering whether the $100 deposits would be put towards their dresses, or would be required as an additional payment to help with the overall cost of the big day.

"I didn't even mind the deposit part, until she said NON-REFUNDABLE. It's going towards the cost of the dress, so I wouldn't mind spreading the cost - but to not even get it back should something go wrong… hard pass," one expressed.

"When you order those dresses, are the deposits usually non-refundable? Wondering if she is just reiterating how the dress ordering works, I do get that," a second asked. 

"Putting things in writing does help people make sure they both fully comprehend what's being agreed to. It helps minimise [the] potential for hurt feelings down the line," a third suggested in defence of the bride, which was quickly shot down by other Redditors.

"But this is a friend on a social occasion, not a business agreement. How would the bride feel if I asked her to sign one that said I am expected to attend no more than two functions other than the wedding… Or that I would contribute $X amount to those events in total but no more?" another pointed out.

"As soon as a 'contract' is placed in front of a normal person to be a bridesmaid, that's the universe's way of telling you to say 'no thank you'. That's ridiculous," another declared.

"Yeah I'm a lawyer, so I like things to be written and signed more than the average person - and even I understand that being a bridesmaid is a voluntary position. This is bizarre," one chipped in.

"I would not even consider signing it. If your family or friends are close enough to be in your wedding party, it's ridiculous to me that you feel the need to have them initial and sign a formal contract," another reader advised.

"To me at least, this is a red flag for, 'I'm going to be pretty difficult, so I'll have you sign up to put up with me and my decisions whether you like it or not'."

"What an entitled twit," a Redditor said succinctly. "I'd be bowing out of this wedding ASAP! [What] happens if bridezilla decides to kick a bridesmaid out? Will she get her deposit back? I'm guessing no."

Last year, a bride-to-be went viral after setting a long list of demands for her bridesmaids, including 'hitting the gym' to fit into size 8 dresses and cutting their hair in a shoulder-length style.

Also last year, a bizarre list of rules issued to wedding guests stipulating the hairstyles they were allowed to wear to the ceremony - and that they weren't allowed to talk to the bride - drew the mirth of the internet.