Coca-Cola unveils brand-new Coke Zero Sugar with challenge for Kiwis to find out if it's the Best Coke Ever?

For years, the soda sippers among us have been cracking open cans of Coca-Cola No Sugar and Coca-Cola Zero for their sugar-free hit. But now, the two fan favourites are making room for the new kid on the block - the latest fizzy to join the family. 

Enter Coke Zero Sugar, a brand-new addition that boasts a revamped recipe - and a sleek new look. The new zero sugar formulation and Coca-Cola's refreshed design, which were officially unveiled last month, will replace the beloved Coke Zero and Coke No Sugar to simplify the existing range. 

While historically there have been some subtle differences in taste between  Coca-Cola Classic and its sugar-free varieties, the brand-spanking-new Coke Zero Sugar will really put Coke connoisseurs' tastebuds to the test.

With years of innovation under their belt, the soda pop pundits had the goal of creating a zero-sugar drink that tasted as close as possible to a classic Coke - or perhaps, even better? If that's even possible!

And if anyone knows about zero-sugar beverages, it's Kiwis. In a nation of Coca-Cola drinkers, 50 percent of all Cokes purchased in Aotearoa contain no sugar - so we clearly know what we're talking about. 

For the 50 percent who prefer Coca-Cola Classic, perhaps this brand-new bevvy will be the one to change your mind.

"We're constantly evolving with the changing nature of New Zealanders tastes and preferences, and we believe this new recipe will be popular with our current drinkers, as well as Coca-Cola Classic fans who are looking for a zero-sugar alternative," said Tracey Evans, the Head of Marketing at Coca-Cola New Zealand.

"We're excited to hear what Kiwis think of this exciting new addition to our portfolio." 

To make life a little sweeter for its significant sugar-free consumer base, Coca-Cola has doubled-down on its commitment to reducing sugar throughout its portfolio to ensure customers have delicious options to hand.

In 2019 Coca-Cola New Zealand pledged to reduce the amount of sugar across its products by 20 percent by 2025 - and it's making good on that promise. The brand is continuing to invest in expanding its range of no-sugar drinks - so dare we say, more zero-sugar sodas could be on the horizon? That sounds pretty sweet to us.

The reformulated recipe and the new-look design have started hitting the shelves this month, so keep an eye out for the sleek and sexy new packaging, which will be carried across all packs of the Coca-Cola range in New Zealand.

Emblazoned with the brand's iconic Spencerian script in black, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar leverages the iconic trademark in a unique way, making the products easily distinguishable to consumers.  

And to celebrate the launch of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, a new global marketing campaign is also underway. The unique and disruptive campaign challenges Kiwi Coke lovers to try the reformulated recipe and answer the all-important question: Is Coca-Cola Zero Sugar really the 'best Coke ever?' 

Safe to say, we at Newshub were fizzing to try it - check out the video above to see if we think it’s the Best Coke Ever? 

And now, over to you New Zealand - you be the judge. 

The new recipe, design and campaign for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has already launched in Europe, Latin America, Asia, North America and Australia. The new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is available in a variety of sizes, across all retailers in New Zealand starting from June 2022. 

This article was created for Coca-Cola.