Customer leaves scathing handwritten review in front of curry ready-meal at Woolworths supermarket

Photo of the handwritten review at the supermarket
The note was left in front of the product in question, warning customers to steer clear. Photo credit: Reddit / @skafaceXIII

While I've eaten many a dodgy dish in my time - usually homemade - I've yet to feel compelled to pen a scathing review on paper and place it in the actual supermarket to make my distaste abundantly clear. 

This is exactly what one disgruntled customer decided to do after purchasing a ready-made meal from a Sydney supermarket - and was evidently very displeased with the taste and quality of the AU$6 (NZ$6.60) product.

In their handwritten review of Coco Earth's Butter Chicken with Naan, the customer curtly opined: "Sauce OK. Chicken like eating old rope. 

"Naan - inedible unless you like eating rubber. Same with [the] Tikka."

Another customer at the supermarket - Woolworths Marrickville Metro in Sydney's inner-west - stumbled across the review while perusing the aisle, and couldn't resist taking a photo and sharing it to Reddit's Australia subreddit for others to appreciate

The she-naan-igan sparked hilarity on the forum, with many praising the person's bold and initiative approach to the realm of reviewing. 

"The people needed to know, and this shopper delivered," one declared, with a second noting: "Not too sure about the delivery, but the review is accurate."

Meanwhile, other Redditors offered their recommendations for ready-made meals that are worth a try.

A spokesperson for Woolworths - of which Countdown and FreshChoice are New Zealand subsidiaries - told they are taking the discontented customer's advice on board and appreciate the honest feedback. 

"We appreciate all customer feedback on our products and will be passing this on to the supplier.

"If customers ever have any feedback for our team, we encourage them to reach out to our Contact Centre or fill out the feedback form on our website."

Last month, a Kiwi man warned against purchasing Countdown's home-brand curries, lamenting the lack of lamb in his ready-to-eat rogan josh.

In a post to Reddit's New Zealand forum, the man shared a photo of the tiny tidbits of lamb that were included in the Countdown Lamb Rogan Josh with Basmati Rice, a packaged curry priced at $8. To illustrate just how little meat was in his dinner, the man grouped the pieces next to a $2 coin - which was roughly the same size.

"Don't buy a curry from Countdown," he captioned the image.

Elaborating on the miserly meat, the man, who said he lived in the Coromandel, added: "Now I don't expect it to look like food photography, but I kinda expect more than one teaspoon of lamb in my rogan josh.

"They are apparently too busy and I should call back another time. Probably loads of other fat guys complaining about their curries."

Also last month, Kiwis bemoaned a recent price hike at Subway that has seen the cost of a six-inch sandwich rise to almost $10 - keep in mind, that's smaller than some heels. 

In a post to Reddit, one Aucklander lamented that their six-inch Tuna Mayo sub had cost them an unappetising $9, and included a snap of the sad sandwich to illustrate. It didn't take long for New Zealanders to start adding their two cents, prompting an uproar in the comments over Subway's pricing. It quickly transpired that the original poster wasn't alone in feeling "ripped off" by the fast-food franchise.