Life's too short for sensitivity: How to protect your teeth so you don't miss out on delicious food moments

Life's too short for sensitivity: How to protect your teeth so you don't miss out on delicious food moments
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There are so many incredible moments in life that are centred around food, but sometimes little things hold you back from enjoying those moments – like tooth sensitivity. Life really is too short to let sensitive teeth get in the way of sweet moments that add joy to your day. 

For many people, the moments that matter most are those spent enjoying good food with even better company. Food has a way of bringing people together: nothing beats reconnecting with loved ones over a delicious meal, particularly in the wintertime as nights are spent cosied up indoors with the people that mean the most. 

But, many of us have been there - whether you're enjoying an ice-cream, a hot chocolate or a warm winter pudding fresh off the oven tray, suddenly a short, sharp pain shoots through your tooth. It's not only off-putting, but can hold you back from enjoying your favourite foods and beverages, or fun moments with friends and family.

Sensodyne wants everyone to enjoy those delicious food moments. That's why they've partnered with Three's MasterChef New Zealand, to help people understand that they no longer have to miss out on their favourite foods due to sensitive teeth.

So what is tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is a common dental condition. People who have sensitive teeth often describe it as a short, sharp twinge of pain when taking a sip or bite of hot and cold food and beverages. It can even be felt when you inhale cold air on a winter's day.

Life's too short for sensitivity: How to protect your teeth so you don't miss out on delicious food moments
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Teeth become sensitive to hot and cold sensations when the inner part of the tooth, called dentine, becomes exposed. This can happen if the person has receding gums, or if the enamel wears away. Dentine is full of tiny channels that run towards the nerve at the centre of the tooth. That's why it's theorised that when people with tooth sensitivity eat or drink something hot or cold, it can stimulate the nerve inside the tooth - causing that irritating twinge.

"If you have sensitive teeth, everyday foods and drinks can unexpectedly trigger a jolt of nerve pain. That short, sharp pain is characteristic of what people with tooth sensitivity experience," says Cate Sefton, the Area Marketing Director for Sensodyne ANZ.

"Triggers for people with sensitive teeth can be unique to each individual, with common triggers being cold and hot foods, and also sweet or sour foods.

"Tooth sensitivity can occur in just one tooth - you don't have to feel pain in every tooth to have sensitive teeth."

What can I do about it?

While two in three people experience tooth sensitivity†, not everyone effectively manages the condition. Some will treat their sensitivity infrequently, meaning they will revert to a regular toothpaste once the pain has subsided. 

To effectively treat tooth sensitivity, Sefton recommends swapping to a specialised sensitivity relief toothpaste. Sensodyne offers a range of toothpastes targeted towards sensitivity, which provide something of a shield against hot and cold foods and beverages. 

Life's too short for sensitivity: How to protect your teeth so you don't miss out on delicious food moments
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For ongoing protection and relief Sensodyne needs to be used twice a day, every day. The toothpaste helps to provide 24/7 protection against sensitivity* and promotes strong teeth and healthy gums - which is why Sensodyne is ranked the #1 brand for sensitive teeth^. With twice daily brushing, there's no reason why you should have to miss out on hot puddings or icy cold treats any longer. 

"It works by creating a barrier over sensitive areas or by soothing the nerves inside your tooth, offering 24/7 sensitivity protection when you brush with it twice a day, every day. Twice daily brushing is important to maintain sensitivity relief.

"Switching to a daily sensitivity relief toothpaste, like Sensodyne, is an easy way to enjoy the foods and drinks you love again."

To make sure you're no longer missing out on the moments that matter, Sefton also suggests opting for a soft-bristled toothbrush - they are more gentle on the sensitive areas of your teeth. Other lifestyle changes that may help manage the condition include avoiding an overly acidic diet - such as cutting out fizzy and citrus-based drinks - and visiting your dentist for regular checkups.

What is currently in the Sensodyne range?

"Whether you are looking for rapid relief, whitening or fresh breath, Sensodyne offers a wide range of products to suit your needs - that all provide relief for sensitive teeth*.

You can compare the range on the Sensodyne website," Sefton says.

Life's too short for sensitivity: How to protect your teeth so you don't miss out on delicious food moments
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There are six different Sensodyne toothpastes to choose from that cater to different types of sensitivity and oral care needs:

  • Sensodyne Repair & Protect: Builds a protective layer over the exposed areas of the tooth to provide ongoing relief* from sensitivity. Better yet, it also comes in an Extra Fresh or Whitening variant.
  • Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum Dual Action*: For the relief of sensitive teeth and the maintenance of gum health with twice daily brushing. This also comes in an Extra Fresh variant.
  • Sensodyne Complete Care: This toothpaste provides multiple oral care benefits in one toothpaste, and also comes in Extra Fresh variant.
  • Sensodyne Rapid Relief: Rapid Relief toothpaste contains stannous fluoride which builds a protective barrier over sensitive areas of your teeth, so you can beat sensitivity pain fast - and with everyday use, provide ongoing relief*. Also available in Extra Fresh variant.
  • Sensodyne Daily Care: This toothpaste contains potassium which soothes the nerves, providing 24/7 protection against sensitivity*. A whitening variant is also available.
  • Sensodyne Daily Care Deep Clean: A gel toothpaste which contains foam boost technology and potassium, which soothes the nerves - providing 24/7 sensitivity protection* with twice daily brushing.

Armed with the right toothpaste, there's no reason to miss out on the sweet stuff.

This article was created for Sensodyne.

* With twice daily brushing.

† Exploring Oral Habits in Australia, Kantar. November 2019.

^Source IRI [CHANNEL: NZ Grocery & pharmacy, MEASURE: $ sales (local currency), TIME: MAT 27/02/22 in NZ]

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

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