New Zealand woman gives birth to 'miracle' baby at 47 after mistaking pregnancy for menopause

Mum Tania Behrns and her "miracle" baby, Anastasia.
Mum Tania Behrns and her "miracle" baby, Anastasia. Photo credit: Tania Behrns / Instagram

A New Zealand woman became a first-time mum at the age of 47 after mistaking the early signs of pregnancy for menopause, according to reports

At 44, Christchurch-based beauty therapist Tania Behrns closed the door on the possibility of becoming a parent as she assumed she had passed her window of conceiving. 

Three years later, however, Behrns missed a period - just six weeks into a new relationship. 

As irregular menstrual bleeds are a common symptom in the months or years leading up to menopause, Behrns initially disregared her absent period and sudden onset of fatigue - until a precautionary pregnancy test returned two lines. 

Now 48-years-old, Behrns is mum to one-year-old Anastasia Bracken, a happy little girl she describes as a "true miracle".

"I have always been career-focused, so I accepted I was never going to be a mum by the time I reached 44," Behrns told Mercury News, as reported by the Mirror

"A few years later, I was dating someone for a total of seven weeks and missed a period… I assumed menopause had started but my friend persuaded me to take a pregnancy test.

"I only bought it to humour her as I didn't think it would be possible to naturally conceive in my late forties."

Initially, Behrns doubted she would be able to carry the baby full-term and was concerned she may miscarriage due to her age.

"The first trimester was really scary. I was in disbelief until 12 weeks - I didn't think it was possible for someone my age to have a baby.

"There was a lot of fear and uncertainty. I was finally able to relax when the results confirmed my baby was healthy. I went on to have a perfect pregnancy, I loved being pregnant. My skin was glowing and I felt great."

At 39 weeks, Behrns decided to undergo an elective caesarean section, with Anastasia entering the world on May 19, 2021. 

"She was perfect, I knew she was a miracle. I didn't know anything about motherhood but I am learning along the way," Behrns told the outlet. "We are a team, she is the happiest baby and so chilled."

Despite attempting to make their relationship work, Behrns and Anastasia's father have since parted ways - a decision that has taught the 48-year-old how to "juggle" motherhood and her career, all while finding a sense of balance. 

And despite her baby bliss, Behrns admits that not everyone has been supportive of her decision to become a mother in her late forties. 

"I haven't received any negative comments to my face, but I know some people have wondered why I would have a baby in my late forties," she said. 

"But why wouldn't I? A termination wasn't even an option. I am proof that whatever is meant for us, will happen."

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