Tips for a stress-free move: Common mistakes Kiwis make while moving and how to avoid them

Tips for a stress-free move: Common mistakes Kiwis make while moving and how to avoid them
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Everyone knows that moving house is among the most stressful experiences known to mankind. Amid the planning, organising, sorting, hauling and cleaning, moving homes can test your patience, your limits - and yes, even your relationship.

To make things worse, it turns out we’re a highly mobile bunch. It's estimated more than half of Kiwis relocate at least once in their lives - which means transporting furniture, cars, cats and everything in between.

However, moving doesn't have to be a truckload of stress and anxiety. Several common mistakes that Kiwis often make, which can prove expensive to rectify, are actually easy to avoid - with the right knowledge and of course, the right moving company. 

Enter Wise Move: an online platform that lets you compare moving services and get free quotes for your particular request within minutes.

Wise Move asked their team of over 400 professional movers for their best advice on what to look out for when moving home - so make sure you avoid these five costly mistakes next time you move.

Moving Mistake 1: Asking friends or family to help you

Moving out of your family home can be stressful, and it's tempting to ask friends or whānau to help with the heavy lifting -  but you might want to reconsider.

"If you're moving out of your family home where your kids grew up, or moving away to another city, it can be an emotional experience," said Wise Move founder and CEO, Gediminas Burinskis.

Asking people you know to pitch in a helping hand sometimes adds to the stress, rather than reducing it - it can be hard enough keeping your own emotions in check, let alone the emotions of others. 

The second problem is that most people underestimate the time, work and equipment involved. 

"People don't realise how much goes into a move. It's actually quite physical, and if you don't have the right tools, supplies and mindset - it can be a nightmare," Burinskis said.

Among packaging supplies, a DIY move will probably also need a dolly, moving straps, protective pads and blankets, as well as a van – which, if you're moving out of town, you'll need to drive back empty - which can equal a huge waste of fuel and time. 

Additionally, incorrect loading can lead to damages along the way, which you would have no recourse on. 

Instead, try to delegate some of the work (preferably to professionals), so you can spend less time hauling boxes and more time planning your house warming instead. If you want to move quickly, efficiently, and on budget, then it's time to call in the professionals. 

Tips for a stress-free move: Common mistakes Kiwis make while moving and how to avoid them
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Moving Mistake 2: Starting your planning too late

It's not just the act of moving that causes stress: it's the planning, too. 

If you wait until the last minute to start making arrangements for your move, you'll find yourself under a truckload of pressure with very little time to make decisions. As a result, it's easy to choose the wrong options - or overlook important details altogether.

Booking a moving company at the last minute can also be more expensive than booking in advance. This is because movers plan their routes to optimise their loads.

"Many companies offer better prices if they have a planned return that would otherwise have been empty - this is called backloading," Burinskis explained.

Instead, draw up a 'moving checklist' to plan your move to perfection. This will help you keep on top of what you need to do while providing that small hit of satisfaction when it's time to tick something off. 

Moving Mistake 3: Hiring the wrong moving company

When it comes to hiring a moving company, you'll want to make sure that you're getting quality service. Simply choosing the cheapest quote could get you into a lot of trouble.

"You want to avoid falling victim to hidden costs, delays, insurance issues, and unnecessary damage," Burinskis said.

But how can you find trusted companies without breaking the bank? Well, there is a solution. Wise Move is New Zealand's leading online moving company platform, where you can easily find trusted and vetted moving companies. 

The platform provides access to verified reviews, and Wise Move's rigorous vetting process provides the accountability you need to make an informed decision.

Moving Mistake 4: Accepting the first quote you get

It can be a pain in the neck getting quotes from moving companies: you firstly need to find local, trusted businesses, then you need to speak with each one individually, get quotes, and call again to negotiate - all the while checking reviews and figuring out if they're a good fit for your needs. 

While no one likes the process, not shopping around to compare prices and services could cost you, big time - according to Wise Move, comparing quotes can save you up to 75 percent on your moving costs.

To find the right movers for you, simply post your delivery request on Wise Move and get multiple quotes from local moving companies that bid on your work. 

All quotes are public and binding, and you can also talk to and read verified reviews for the companies that quote on your work - all in one place.

Tips for a stress-free move: Common mistakes Kiwis make while moving and how to avoid them
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Moving Mistake 5: Not leaving specialised moves to the professionals

First off, what is a specialised move? Specialised moves refer to any type of move that requires more expertise than simply loading up a car or truck with boxes and belongings. These types of moves can involve cars, motorbikes, motorhomes, pianos and other bulky, unusual or highly delicate items.

You might be tempted to take on a specialised move yourself because it's cheaper than hiring professionals, but when you're moving a boat or a car, you'll often find hidden costs involved - like renting a trailer, for example. Plus, accidents are a major risk when travelling on the road.

Instead, using Wise Move can help you easily find movers for cars, motorcycles, boats and more: just add your specialised delivery request and wait for moving companies to submit quotes. No need to stress - and it doesn't have to break the bank.

All in all, moving doesn't have to be a headache. Make a plan, avoid these common mistakes - and make sure you take the necessary precautions to destress your move.

Wise Move is the only digital platform that reduces your research time by allowing you to check verified and trusted company reviews all in one place. 

It also eliminates the need for negotiations (while still getting the best quotes) - and helps you find movers for anything and everything with the click of a button. It really is that simple.

This article was created for Wise Move.