UK OnlyFans star was desperate to get rid of her 'attention-grabbing' chest - until it paid off her family's debt

Amy Sophia on her Instagram
The 27-year-old rakes in sometimes hundreds-of-thousands of pounds a month on the popular content subscription service. Photo credit: @__amysophia / Instagram

A woman who was desperate to undergo a breast reduction due to her uncomfortably large and "attention-grabbing" chest has revealed how her assets now fund her luxurious lifestyle - and even paid off her family's crippling debt.

Amy Sophia, a 27-year-old from Leeds in northern England, claims her 34HH chest has helped to eradicate her family's debilitating debt that once totalled almost £100,000 (NZ$193,000).

As reported by the Mirror, Sophia had been extremely self-conscious of her double-H breasts, saying she would often attract unwanted attention from men and women alike. As a younger woman, she felt her "huge" bust compromised her quality of life, as she was unable to work out or wear the clothes she wanted.

"Usually when I'd go to clubs or out in public, it would be women who'd tell me to 'put them away' because their boyfriends were staring… I was just sick of it," Sophia told Jam Press, as reported by the Mirror.

"I would avoid certain exercises at the gym and I'd find it hard to buy clothes, as they didn't fit."

Sophia's chest also significantly impacted her confidence, with the young woman often hunching her shoulders to avoid drawing attention to her bust. Her frequent slouching also led to problems with her posture, which she still struggles with to this day.

"I've got such bad posture because of how I used to always slouch forward to hide my boobs because when I kept my back straight, it made them look even more prominent and I hated that attention," she explained.

Despite once seriously considering a breast reduction to put an end to her problems, Sophia recently had a change of heart when she realised her ample chest could be a blessing in disguise. 

In 2019, the 27-year-old eventually discovered OnlyFans, an online content subscription service that allows content creators to earn money from the users who subscribe to their content - the 'fans'. The premise allows its creators to receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis as well as one-time tips and a pay-per-view feature. The platform is popular with sex workers and pornographic models, as well as for amateur porn, but also hosts the work of other content creators, such as fitness experts and musicians.

The service has since transformed Sophia's perception of her body, which earns her thousands of pounds per month. As reported by the Mirror, the 27-year-old claimed she now rakes in £40,000 (NZ$77,000) a month on average due to her proliferation of paying 'fans'.

"I always wanted a champagne lifestyle on a Coca Cola budget… because of the high interest on payday loans, I was stuck in a vicious cycle," she said, as reported by the Mirror.

"Then there was a buzz around this new site, OnlyFans, and something just told me to do it for the money. I knew my boobs were attention-grabbing so I decided to use them for my benefit instead of hiding away.

"Every month it got higher – my best earning month has been £150,000."

The former spa therapist is now enjoying living large, with her popular content funding the lavish lifestyle she once dreamed of. Previously earning just £8.50 (NZ$16.40) an hour, the young woman was suddenly seeing thousands of pounds deposited in her bank account - making an "insane" £7000 (NZ$13,500) during her first month on the platform.

Putting an end to her family's financial woes was Sophia's first priority, and after about four or five months of pumping out content, she was able to do so - and her parents have thrown their support behind their daughter's lucrative business. As well as paying off her family's debt, Sophia has also used her steady income to settle her own financial dues - £30,000 (NZ$58,000) from payday loans.

As well as becoming a bankable OnlyFans star, Sophia credits the platform for giving her back her confidence. She says she has learned to love and embrace her curvaceous figure, and has a newfound appreciation for her body.

"The positive attention really changed my mindset… now they are my money-makers," she said.

"Now the stares and comments don't bother me. I know they are just jealous or have body issues, they obviously aren't happy in their own skin."

Her "money-makers" have also funded her globetrotting lifestyle, with Sophia ticking off trips to Thailand, Rome, the Maldives, Mexico and Las Vegas - complete with the financial freedom to enjoy fine dining and "the finer things in life".

"Now I can live the life I've always dreamed and wanted so badly," she told the outlet. "I do what I do for money, which gives me freedom - and freedom is everything to me."